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Conversation Between traumatised-magic and neco
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  1. neco
    08-04-2009 02:36 AM
    thanks for the reply.. i'm certain its the twinsplits remix its the one where you take the 3 of clubs and splits it into an ace and a 2 of clubs, i believe its Fission of ace's or Fussion (not sure) effect the bonus material on the Disc1 of the Trilogy right???

    hope this clears up my question.. i really want to make this work for me... please help..

  2. traumatised-magic
    08-03-2009 03:35 PM
    to be honest i'm not sure what move ur talkin about, twin split remix is u start with an 8, split it into two 4's, then split one of the 4's into two 2's, then split one of the 2's into two aces....there is no mergein of cards

    the first move is easy, ur just turnin over a block of cards and seperatein the top card to get an 8 into two 4's

    u throw a 4 on to the table and the next bit is a triple lift, u have a 4 with two 2's behind it...u then just do a snap change to get the 4 into tenkai and produce the two 2's....the cards are cleaned up in the standard snap change cleanup

    the final part is the aces...both aces are on the bottom, u take these as u slide off the top 2 keepin the aces together as a single card...u drop the 2 onto the table and then flip over and seperate the 2 aces

    thats twin split remix, there is no mergin of cards....maybe ur thinkin of somethin else
  3. neco
    08-03-2009 03:17 PM
    Hi traum how are you doing?? im neco from the philippines... i wonder if i could ask you for some advice, i know that you are the most knowlegeble among all forum members here and maybe from other sites.... now off to my question i've been playing with DnD's Twin splits remix i've nailed the split part but got stuck with the throw part of the effect to merge the two cards.. is there any alternative to move?? its flippant + throw right?? i was thinking of the shake change with the two cards face up on top and the orig. card face down 3rd from the top... but it just dont feel right.. hope you could help.. thanks Traum


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