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Conversation Between singaporeium and magicrules
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  1. magicrules
    12-10-2009 01:11 AM
    hey juz wanna ask do u have a magic grp or wat? also can u add me on msn fatcriss@hotmail.com thx
  2. magicrules
    12-08-2009 01:59 PM
    oh i nvr c ps... i think i know le thx
  3. magicrules
    12-08-2009 01:56 PM
    thx vry much so which daiso u c them sell breath strips?
  4. magicrules
    12-07-2009 03:17 PM
    thx i have been looking arnd for breath strips n knowing daiso sells then easier... so it on top of the shelf maybe u send me a pic of tat thing n i will go look 4 it maybe this sat... thx
  5. magicrules
    12-07-2009 11:02 AM
    i gt it at shaw he reserved it 4 me... it is quite cool 1 1/2 hr dvd for 72... the gimmick actually nt as easy to use as they say... 'close the lid to activate trhe change' bt wif a few days of practice it will be a great tool u can actually come out wif lots of routines and i think i will use it often bt 1 thing is juz nw went to guardian bt i cant find breath strips... btw i still cant get the pen even i at kino at orchard i ask the ppl they say they dunno wat tat is... so i wan ask wat brand is the pen and where u gt it which shoppping mall...
  6. magicrules
    12-07-2009 01:35 AM
    oh ok ok wat a coincidece haha
  7. magicrules
    12-05-2009 04:57 PM
    wel nt katong 1 nvr went b4 goes to shaw n u know the guy at which branch
  8. magicrules
    12-05-2009 01:31 PM
    damn excited tmr or mon getting strip i!!haha
  9. magicrules
    12-03-2009 12:26 PM
    nt member nvr buy at csastle b4 always goes 2 hall until i find out they sell pirates
  10. magicrules
    12-03-2009 05:00 AM
    ya i like strip coz can be totally examine i dun rmb seeing gimmicks tat can be totally examined... btw ytd i went left last piece i think quite a gd seller i definitely wan 2 get my hands on it b4 its sold out

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