The Ultimate Magic Trick E-book Collection

Here is a list of just some of the e-books in the Ultimate Magic Trick E-book Collection

* One Man Mind Reading Secrets by Ralph W. Read ($14.95 Value)

* Here's How by Frank Lane ($19.95 Value)

* Magic Tricks Revealed by Professional Magician Jay Sankey ($7.95 Value)

* Joker Choker Card Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* The Other Side Trick Revealed(Quick Impromptu Trick with a Die) ($5.00 Value)

* Revealing A Friend’s Name Mind Reading Trick Exposed ($7.00 Value)

* The Two Detectives Card Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Mental Card Read Trick Revealed ($3.95 Value)

* Money from Nothing Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Simple Book Test Mind Reading Trick Revealed ($5.95 Value)

* Appearing Coins Magic Illusion Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Bottle Cap Levitation Revealed ($6.95 Value)

* Subliminal Influence Card Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Learn How To Do The Traveling Ashes Trick ($5.00 Value)

* Power Card Tricks Revealed ($10.00 Value)

* Magician Howard Thurston's Card Tricks Revealed ($30.00 Value)

* Modern Card Effects and How to Perform Them ($30.00 Value)

* Bobo's Coin Magic Tricks Revealed ($29.95 Value)

* Astral Projection Technique Revealed ($4.95 Value)

* David Copperfield's Illusions Revealed ($9.95 Value)

* Street Magic Manual by Jay Jay the Illusionist Exposing Awesome Tricks ($29.95 Value)

* 50 Tricks You Can Do With a Thumb Tip Revealed ($9.95 Value)

* David Blaine's Magic Tricks Exposed ($5.95 Value)

* The Harry Houdini Escape Trick Revealed ($14.95 Value)

* Magical Rope Ties and Escapes by Harry Houdini Revealed ($12.95 Value)

* Torn & Restored Card Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Levitation of Another Person Revealed ($3.95 Value)

* At The Beach - Mind Control and Mind Reading Tricks Revealed ($9.95 Value)

* The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic by Milbourne Christopher and Sid Lorraine ($29.95 Value)

* Choices Mind Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Anti-Gravity Water Trick Revealed ($4.95 Value)

* Pencil Thru Bill Trick Revealed ($5.00 Value)

* Systematic Sorcery - Card Trick Miracles Revealed ($14.95 Value)

* Easy Mentalism Tricks Exposed by J. P. Jacquard ($19.95 Value)

* Learn how to do the Magic Trick that Fooled Albert Einstein ($4.95 Value)

* Annemann’s Card Miracles Revealed ($29.95 Value)

Exclusive access to the Ultimate Magic Trick E-book Collection is a one time payment of $19.97 and the entire collection of e-books are available as instant download PDF files. New e-books are added to this collection on a regular basis.

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