May 2008 Magic Trick Videos

May 31, 2008
    • Triumph: Ordered Chaos Zarrow Tutorial
    • Learn Some of the Best Card Tricks to Master
    • Card jump to the top trick. SIMPLE & COOL (Revealed)
    • Follow The Leader - Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Oil and Water - Magic Trick Tutorial

May 30, 2008
    • Impromptu Any Selected Card At Any Selected Number
    • Amazing Quick Card Finder Trick Revealed
    • Learn an Ambitious Card Routine
    • Card Change Tutorial
    • Amazing Rope Escape Magic Trick Revealed

May 29, 2008
    • Royal Family Reunion ( self working card trick ) Exposed
    • Easy Card Force Tutorial
    • Magic trick revealed --*Drunken shuffle*
    • How to Do the Marlo Tilt
    • How to Do the Burglars Magic Trick
    • Mind Merge Tutorial
    • How to Do a Routine in the Ambitious Card

May 28, 2008
    • Learn how to magically print your business card
    • Bill to Lemon Trick Tutorial
    • A Cool Magic Trick Revealed
    • The Floating Card Revealed
    • Secrets Revealed: Spit Double by Jay Sankey
    • Coin Disappear Magic Trick [revealed]

May 27, 2008
    • Easy One Hand Star Rubberband Trick Tutorial
    • Just Joking by Jay Sankey tutorial
    • awesome card trick tutorial
    • Learn Real Magic #10: Telekinesis by Jay Sankey
    • Learn Real Magic #5: Indestructibill with Jay Sankey
    • Spoon Melt Magic Trick - Tutorial
    • Criss Angel Coin Trick Revealed
    • Eric Paul the Magician teaches you a trick you can do anywhere with crayons
    • Learn Real Magic #2: Fast Hands Card Trick by Jay Sankey
    • Learn Real Magic #8: Rising Card by Jay Sankey
    • Learn Real Magic #7: Through and Through Rubberband Magic by Jay Sankey
    • Learn Real Magic #3: Sleight of Elbow by Jay Sankey

May 26, 2008
    • coin through table tutorial
    • Double Triumph Card Trick and Exposure
    • 5 Cards - an experiment on synchronization / nice card trick revealed
    • Muscle Pass Tutorial-in Depth-you Will Be Able To Do It In Two Weeks
    • Red Hot Mamacita Tutorial
    • Awesome Card Float Revealed
    • Awesome teleporting ace trick
    • Card jump to the top trick. SIMPLE & COOL (Revealed)
    • Awesome impromptu card trick revealed!!
    • coin through glass #2 revealed
    • Sweet impromptu card trick revealed!
    • Amazing Coin Magic Trick Revealed by Eric Paul
    • Criss Angels Spoon Bending Revealed by TrickBusters

May 25, 2008
    • Video Tutorial for Cups And Balls
    • One handed card cut tutorial by CKmagicCK
    • XCM card cut tutorial by CKmagicCK
    • EXTREME card cut tutorial by CKmagicCK
    • Learn a great way to produce a coin
    • learn 5 card tricks you can do
    • Coin appear from air explanation
    • Ricochet Magic Trick Tutorial

May 24, 2008
    • Baddest & Coolest 4Cards Trick. Revealed. (easy to do)
    • elevator card trick revealed
    • Instant card change revealed
    • Learn an easy to do card trick
    • Yes or No card trick Revealed
    • Learn the card trick that David Blaine did on Tyra Banks
    • Amazing Card Flip Back Change Tutorial
    • Yes or No card trick Revealed

May 23, 2008
    • Anti gravity water revealed
    • Svengali deck tutorial by T.H.E.M philippines

May 22, 2008
    • magic aces #1 card trick tutorial
    • Shoot that rope magic trick tutorial
    • Two Man and A Paper Clip Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Learn a cool trick you can do with your wrist watch
    • axis colour change tutorial
    • Automatic Card Discovery Revealed

May 21, 2008
    • Complete This N That Tutorial
    • False Mantis Card Cut Tutorial
    • Demon Coin Magic Trick Exposed
    • great coin manipulation tutorial
    • Learn this Easiest Rubber band trick by Agurchand

May 20, 2008
    • Out-of-Nowhere card tutorial
    • learn an easy card force Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Learn to make a coin appear and disappear
    • How to magically light a match in mid air
    • Teleporting card in box Tutorial (Magic493226)
    • Debunking David Copperfields Statue of Liberty Trick
    • Learn to make a coin disappear
    • Card Force - Choose by theeggman85 - performance and tutorial
    • teleporting cards tutorial by (OX131997)

May 19, 2008
    • Amazing ZigZag Card Exposed By: Jack of 25
    • NF Fan Spin Tutorial
    • Learn How to Control a Card: Ambitious Card Routine
    • Easy color change Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Pencil Trick Revealed
    • Coin Matrix Card Trick by theeggman85 - performance and tutorial
    • Double Triumph and Exposure
    • Learn how to do a beginner card trick
    • The snap change revealed
    • WERM Card Display Tutorial

May 18, 2008
    • Learn a Funny Magic trick
    • Face Up Twins Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Cool XCM underground Cut by Master Jaspas
    • Easy Rubber band magic trick explanation

May 17, 2008
    • Elevator card trick explained by CKmagicCK
    • Cool Mind Reading Trick Revealed
    • Learn how to do Falled by Daniel Garcia

May 16, 2008
    • Learn How To Do A Magic Trick With Your Magical Flea Assistant
    • Nebular Cut for beginners, XCM Flourish Tutorial

May 15, 2008
    • Amazing Glass Balance on Card Tutorial Magic
    • Teleporting card Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Jumping Gemini by theeggman85 - performance and tutorial
    • Amazing Coin Thru Hand At The Lap Exposed
    • How to Magically Tear A Phonebook in Half

May 14, 2008
    • card through deck explained by CKmagicCK
    • Ing ping ching Tutorial by CKmagicCK
    • How To Do A Classic Color Change
    • sense of touch revealed by CKmagicCK
    • Card Change Tutorial
    • Card Finder Tutorial
    • Color changing deck Revealed by CKmagicCK
    • Aces In and Out Magic Trick Tutorial
    • How to Back Palm - Performance and Tutorial
    • Easy Card Change - Performance and Tutorial

May 13, 2008
    • Disappearing Card Trick - Performance and Tutorial
    • No, I got it! Card Trick Tutorial
    • anti gravity coin trick revealed
    • Amazing Vanishing Coin Trick - Performance and Tutorial
    • magic money maker revealed,make it yourself
    • performance and explanation for the zig zag card.
    • double color changing silks explanation
    • amazing ring box magic tricks revealed
    • 15 card trick revealed BY MIXTAPE1200
    • Ambitous card routine revealed
    • How to do the Shuttle Pass CoinTrick

May 12, 2008
    • Face up Garcia Tutorial
    • Learn a cool bar trick that uses 3 coins
    • How To Appear A Quarter In Thin Air
    • amazing ace sandwich explanation
    • Jazz aces explanation
    • amazing black hole card trick explanation
    • Dream Of Aces performance and explanation

May 11, 2008
    • Amazing Key Thru Coin Exposed
    • Storm Ace Card Production
    • Pen Through Dollar Bill Revealed
    • Debunking Mirror Trick by Trickbusters
    • learn how to produced a card from thin air
    • Levitating Card, Just Cards! - Performance and Tutorial
    • 13th Card Trick - Performance amd Tutorial
    • The Year Game Trick - Performance and Tutorial

May 10, 2008
    • How to cut your body into 3 pieces
    • zig zag magic trick revealed
    • Easy vanishing coin trick revealed
    • Thumb tip tutorial
    • Another Coin Trick - Performance and Tutorial
    • Four Cards Trick Performance and Tutorial
    • Magnetic Cards with just your Hands Tutorial

May 9, 2008
    • Impossible Card Location Tutorial Trick
    • teleport card trick tutorial
    • ear piercing revealed
    • finger trick revealed
    • How to Fan a Deck of Cards
    • Fish Sandwich Explanation by Mitsos the Greek
    • Muscle Pass anti gravity coin / poker chip throw Tutorial
    • Criss Angel Mirror Card Change Explanation
    • This N That Trick Revealed
    • rubber band card trick revealed

May 8, 2008
    • appearing magic wand revealed
    • Amazing Ace Switch Tutorial

May 7, 2008
    • amazing paper clip card trick explanation
    • Coin Thumb Palm Tutorial

May 6, 2008
    • Criss Angel Coin Trick Revealed
    • Criss Angel Blank Deck Tutorial
    • Criss Angel Card Flourish
    • Criss Angel Card Trick Explained
    • card switch revealed by mixtape1200
    • Jumper 3.0 tutorial
    • learn how to do the card trick triumph
    • My first time doing street magic trick tutorial
    • learn how to twist your arm all the way
    • cool match stick vanish from box tutorial
    • cool coin through hand magic trick tutorial
    • cool rubberband magic trick tutorial
    • Amazing Straw and String Magic Trick Exposed
    • Flashy Ace Production Tutorial

May 5, 2008
    • Wild Jacks Tutorial by Mitsos the Greek
    • moken1238 spongeball routine tutorial
    • hire in the hole by huron low explanation
    • ultimate card color cahnge,never before seen in the world revealed
    • Fan Color Change Tutorial by Mitsos The Greek
    • Magic Aces Revealed
    • 10 Best Cards Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Bullet Coin Thru A Cup Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Coin Thru A Cup Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • Learn how to make a pencil stick to your own hand
    • Mind reader card trick Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Easy color change Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • cool way to manipulate coin tutorial
    • Thumb Tip Magic Revealed
    • cool coin through hand magic tutorial
    • cool way to play with rubberband tutorial
    • Amazing dice prediction Revealed

May 4, 2008
    • *NEW* impulse card trick tutorial
    • coin vanishes into thin air - magic trick revealed
    • Learn Cyril Chocolate Kisses Card Trick
    • cool coin manipulation magic tutorial
    • cool way to manipulate a rubberband

May 3, 2008
    • TheCusos Nebula XCM Tutorial, easy to learn.
    • Penguinmagic Delirium Tutorial
    • Color Change Tutorial
    • Card To Pocket Revealed
    • False Over Hand Shuffle Tutorial
    • Performance And tutorial for the curl fan
    • Tutorial for the acrobatic aces
    • Card Thru Box Tutorial
    • ACR Tutorial
    • color changing decks - card trick revealed
    • invisible palm card trick revealed
    • Rubiks Cube Magic Trick Exposed
    • Learn how to do the pass
    • rubber band thru a Thumb tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Learn how to do a simple false card cut
    • learn how to do the card trick triumph
    • Flick the card Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Jumping aces Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • Coin Thru A Cup Tutorial By (Magic493226)
    • new effective street magic revealed
    • cool axis color change tutorial
    • cool coin through hand tutorial

May 2, 2008
    • Fastest Card Trick tutorial by Mitsos the Greek
    • Incredible Dice Prediction Explained
    • The Vanishing lesson tutorial
    • cool coin through hand tutorial
    • cool card force magic trick tutorial
    • Ball On Vase Magic Trick Exposed

May 1, 2008
    • Impossible Swtiching Trick - Performance and Tutorial
    • cool coin swap magic trick tutorial
    • Broken and Restored Rubber Band Tutorial
    • 190 Helix cut
    • Jumper 3.0 tutorial
    • Flick the card Tutorial by (Magic493226)
    • cool pin demonium magic tutorial
    • cool match vanish tutorial