January 2008 Card Magic Magic Trick Videos

January 31, 2008
    • Middle card to top card magic trick tutorial by Jack of 25
    • Card between 1-52 magic trick tutorial
    • Subway Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • In your face color change tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Penguin Magics Quick Trick Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Jokers wild tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Twin Peaks Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the classic color change
    • Learn how to do the SLAP! Card Trick
    • The disappearing card box trick revealed
    • the king color change revealed by heat magician
    • the jack sandwich card trick revealed
    • pips up card trick revealed
    • new prediction card trick explanation
    • worlds best card trick tutorial

January 30, 2008
    • The Marker Card Revealed by Heat Magician
    • cool david blaine trick revealed by Dc magic
    • cool magic trick (revealed) by Dc magic

January 29, 2008
    • amazing charlier card cut tutorial by zachismagic
    • hindu shuffle card force revealed by zachismagic
    • Learn an amazing false card cut by zachismagic
    • fallen by daniel garcia revealed
    • the great revolver card trick explanation
    • The Magic Story Card Trick Using 3 Cards Revealed
    • Ambitous card routine revealed by Yo Magic
    • Tivo 2.0 Transpo Card Trick Tutorial
    • How to Magically Twirl Playing Cards
    • Color Changing Card VQ Tutorial
    • Disappearing Ace Card Trick Tutorial
    • The Magic Card Rise Tutorial by benwin

January 28, 2008
    • Static by daniel garcia explanation/tutorial
    • Static by daniel garcia explanation/tutorial
    • How to do 3 powerful card forces
    • Learn how to Tenkai Palm an object

January 27, 2008
    • A houdini card trick revealed
    • Learn some basic moves used in card magic
    • coin and card matrix magic trick revealed
    • blank deck card trick explanation
    • Contrary Cards Stunt Trick Revealed
    • How to do the Floating Card (No Strings)
    • Color Changing Card Revealed
    • amazing color change revealed
    • Magical jacks card trick tutorial
    • The Card Counting Trick Revealed by Magikiddz
    • learn how to master the palm (with cards)
    • the climbing card magic trick revealed
    • the top card fake shuffle tutorial

January 26, 2008
    • Impossible Card Location Card Trick Revealed
    • really good beginner card trick tutorial
    • colour changing decks revealed
    • transporting aces tutorial
    • Qwerty Card Cut Exclusive False Shuffle
    • How to levitate a pack of cards
    • Do as I Do Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Trapped Magic Trick Tutorial

January 25, 2008
    • Window Color Card Change Tutorial
    • the brothers card trick revealed
    • the great lie detector card trick revealed
    • turn over card trick explained
    • Card Flick Trick Revealed By Qwerty Magic
    • split card trick revealed

January 24, 2008
    • NFW Explained by Yo Magic
    • Impromptu Rising Card Effect Explanation

January 23, 2008
    • The Ultimate Prediction Card Effect Tutorial
    • Shrinking Card Effect created by QwertyMagic
    • Snap Change Card Trick Performance then Explanation by timmytimtim
    • Learn the secret to the elevator card trick
    • One handed card fan tutorial

January 22, 2008
    • Card Prediction Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Thought Speller Card Trick Revealed
    • The Classic Color Change Explained
    • Fallen by Daniel Garcia Tutorial
    • For Marlo By David Regal explanation
    • worlds best card trick revealed
    • 4 aces card trick revealed

January 15, 2008
    • Dellusion Card Trick Revealed by Yo Magic
    • Wanna Bet Card Trick Tutorial by qwerty magic
    • Truth or Lie Card Trick Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • How to do a cool card switch
    • Wanna Bet Card Trick Explanation By QwertyMagic
    • 2 Card Monte Tutorial by QwertyMagic
    • cool magic card trick (revealed) by Dc magic
    • coin matrix revealed by Dc magic

January 14, 2008
    • 2 Ace Card Transport Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Card Catch Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Learn how to do a cool card trick by Yo Magic
    • A spectator holds his card between his hand then it appears in the magicians hand tutorial
    • Learn how to do a really cool magic trick by DC Magic

January 13, 2008
    • Turn Over Cull Sleight Tutorial
    • Lucky Numbers Card Trick Tutorial
    • 13 Cards Trick Tutorial
    • Morphed Card Trick Revealed
    • Balancing Card Trick and Tutorial
    • Meeting Pairs Card Trick Tutorial
    • Rare And Brilliant Card Forces Tutorial
    • Superb Colour Change Tutorial
    • New Method For Erdnase Colour Change Tutorial
    • A Very Visual Colour Change, Easy And Almost Angle Free Tutorial
    • Swivel/Spin Change Tutorial (Not Shape Shifter)
    • Brilliant Ambitious Card Moves Tutorial
    • Riffle Shuffle Tutorial
    • Swing Card Cut Tutorial
    • Turn Over Pass Tutorial
    • Pop-Up Move For Any Card Trick Routine Tutorial
    • A Great And Useful Card Sleight Explained
    • False Deal Card Trick Tutorial
    • An Easy And Great False Shuffle Revealed
    • Spring Palm Card Sleight Tutorial

January 12, 2008
    • Jumping Gemini Card Trick Revealed
    • Jumping Gemini Card Trick Revealed
    • Ghost Deck Trick Revealed

January 11, 2008
    • Transporting Ace Card Trick Revealed by Yo Magic
    • Dollar In Cards Gimmicked Version Tutorial
    • Card Fan Find Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • The Fan Card Change Tutorial

January 10, 2008
    • Twin Peaks Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Impossible Card Sandwhich Trick Revealed by Yo Magic
    • Beginner card trick revealed by Yo Magic
    • Waving the aces revealed by Yo Magic
    • Card Through Box Trick Explanation

January 9, 2008
    • How to rise a card from a box by outsmash22
    • Disappearing Aces Card Trick Revealed
    • Brand New Coin Trick Revealed by Rahul Dagli
    • Coin In Dollar Magic Trick Revealed
    • How to rise a card from a box by outsmash22
    • How to rise a card from a box by outsmash22

January 8, 2008
    • Million Dollar Monte Revealed
    • Card Under Table Trick Revealed
    • Tutorial for the Triumph Card Trick
    • Name Your Card Trick Revealed
    • Blank Deck Trick Tutorial (No Gimmicks)

January 7, 2008
    • The Count Down Card Effect Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Ace to Queen Card Trick Revealed
    • Ace Production Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Self working card trick revealed by Yo Magic
    • New Kings To Aces revealed by Yo Magic
    • Color Changing Decks Trick Tutorial
    • Disappearing Joker Trick Revealed
    • Learn the easiest way to do a false cart cut
    • Mind Reader Card Effect Tutorial
    • Really Easy Colour Change Tutorial
    • The Deck Change Trick Tutorial

January 6, 2008
    • The 4 Kings Card Trick Revealed
    • Coin Matrix Magic Trick Instructional Video
    • Do As I Do Card Trick Revealed (Two Deck Version)
    • Learn how to do the spinning card trick
    • Lucky 13 Card Trick Revealed by Sundeep

January 5, 2008
    • Learn how to do the in the deck card switch by Yo Magic
    • Card through box trick tutorial
    • Card Boomerang maneuver by theeggman85 - performance and tutorial
    • Lance Burton Card production Tutorial
    • The Odd Card Trick Tutorial
    • Signed Card to Wallet Trick Revealed

January 4, 2008
    • 4 Card Oil and Water Revealed by Yo Magic
    • Amazing X-Factor Card Trick Tutorial
    • Amazing Key Card Trick Tutorial
    • The Growing Card Revealed
    • Marlo Miracle Card Trick Revealed
    • Card Thru Box Trick Tutorial

January 3, 2008
    • Amazing One Handed Top Palm Tutorial
    • Loner Stranger Card Trick Tutorial
    • Angel Cut V2 Card Flourish Tutorial

January 1, 2008
    • Swivel card cut flourish tutorial
    • One handed card fan tutorial
    • Card Thru Close-up Pad Magic Trick Revealed
    • Growing Card Explanation
    • Revolving Pass Tutorial by street91
    • Tenkai Switch Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to properly fan a deck of cards