January 2010 Magic Trick Videos

January 31, 2010
    • Jack or Aces Card Trick Tutorial
    • Split Spades Card Deck Review
    • Black Scorpion Deck Review
    • How to perform an easy coin trick to pick up hot girls
    • AWESOME - Performed By Andy Field
    • TOPSY TURVEY ACES - Performed By Andy Field
    • Amazing Paperclip Effect Magic Trick Revealed
    • The Visitors Card Trick (Performance)
    • What the **** ?! ( Performance )
    • Vanish off you Aces (performance)

January 30, 2010
    • DYSLEXIC QUEENS - Performed By Andy Field
    • Four Aces Trick (Perfomance and Tutorial)
    • Reset Card Trick Revealed
    • Easy and Simple Coin Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Flying like Criss Angel (Performence)
    • flickr (new card throwing tutorial)
    • Sick Aces- Card Trick Revealed
    • How to make the Gecko gimmick at home
    • Divination Card Trick Explanation

January 29, 2010
    • Learn how to do a basic card fan
    • Learn a few simple card forces with Mismag822

January 28, 2010
    • Learn how to do the Dont Blink Card Trick
    • The Hot Seat Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • mystery deck (performance)
    • The Final 3 Card Trick Explanation

January 27, 2010
    • Sealed Cards Card Flourish Tutorial (part 2)
    • Learn the Sealed Cards Card Flourish
    • The Signed Cards (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Pass the Garbage Card Trick Tutorial
    • Liquid Ribbon Trick (Tutorial)
    • Liquid Ribbon Trick (Performance)
    • Learn how to magically make a glass appear

January 26, 2010
    • Marked Cards Card Trick - TUTORIAL
    • Ghost writing - The haunted scarf (performance)
    • Paper crumpleing (TUTORIAL)
    • cardini change REVEALED
    • Penetration Illusion-Card Trick Revealed
    • Magic Tricks - Cut And Restore Trick REVEALED

January 25, 2010
    • The Demon Blue Aces (performance)
    • Odd One Out Card Trick Tutorial
    • Shot Card Trick (Performance)
    • Portal Card Trick Tutorial
    • The Magic Card Mentalism Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Tattoo Joe Revealed
    • worlds best self working card trick revealed
    • Amazing Color Changing Popcicle Stick :: Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Criss Angel (MindFreak) Beach Illusion (Performance)
    • Card Magic: The Swap (Original Trick) REVEALED

January 24, 2010
    • Hindu Shuffle Forcing Card (tutorial)
    • Deck Review: Bicycle 1800\\\'s Series
    • Impossible Underwater Vanish (Performance)
    • Card Flourish - The Roll Tutorial
    • Fan Flip Tutorial
    • Learn how to magically hammer a nail in your head

January 23, 2010
    • Jay Jay Tip *How To Keep Your Energy Levels Up When Performing!*
    • Poker Face Card Trick Tutorial
    • Self Vanish Off Table (Performance)
    • Coin thru Bottle Revealed!
    • Worlds best magic trick (performance)
    • FreeMagicLive - Jay Jay :: How To Perform Easy And Simple Coin Trick *Performance & Tutorial*
    • Card Changing Gimmick Explained
    • the flying cards tutorial
    • The party card trick tutorial

January 22, 2010
    • Jumping Joker - Performed and Revealed
    • Magical Flipping Card (Tutorial by Jo-mo)
    • how to do 190 Helix Cut For full Deck (False Cut) (tutorial)
    • Learn how to do the red black card trick

January 21, 2010
    • Psychic Match Books Magic Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Daniel Garcia\\\'s Timeline 2.0 REVEALED
    • Daniel Garcia\\\'s .44 REVEALED
    • How to do double shock (non-gimmicked)
    • There and Back Again by Squidgie (Performance)
    • Clipshift by Chad Nelson (Performance)
    • The Magical Vanish REVEALED

January 20, 2010
    • How to vanish a Toothpick (tutorial)
    • Four Aces Trick (Perfomance and Tutorial)
    • RIng Scape Performed By Russomagix
    • Orbit (performance)
    • Triple False Cut Tutorial
    • 4 card trick by Alex Elmsley door Dries3s (performance)
    • Rub a Dub Vanish Tutorial
    • Tutorial / Reveal Invisible Palm by Mark Bautista
    • Coin Transportation revealed
    • Charlier Cut (One-handed Cut Technique) REVEALED
    • Coin Through Hand Magic Tutorial
    • Banded Box Prediction Card Trick Revealed

January 19, 2010
    • the smoothest and coolest toothpick vanish (performance)
    • Changing cards door Dries3s (performance)
    • Further Than That (Performance)
    • Tic Tac Know (Performance)
    • Tagged Card Trick By Richard Sanders Performed By Russomagix
    • The changing cards revealed
    • Underwater Vanish (Performance)
    • Card Magic: The Magic 3 of Clubs REVEALED
    • Card Magic: Learn a Dave and Dan Buck Trick REVEALED
    • The four Aces card trick revealed
    • The POUNCER trick Revealed
    • card warp magic trick (revealed)

January 18, 2010
    • Punctured By Alex Linian Performed By Russomagix
    • Learn how to do the rising card without gimmick
    • Learn how to do This n That Card Trick
    • Mercury Card Trick Revealed
    • From My Hand To Yours (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Worlds Best Card Trick Tutorial
    • Easy Cups And Balls Part 1 Tutorial
    • You Do The Work (Performance Only)

January 17, 2010
    • Extreme Burn Performed by Russomagix
    • Dont blink - Royale flush (performance)
    • Magic Ring trick! (Perforrmance and tutorial!!)
    • Shuffled To Order (Performance)
    • Svengali Deck Card Routine - Revealed
    • Cell Phone Vanish (Performance)
    • Card Magic: Venus Trap REVEALED
    • Elmsleys count (tutorial)
    • New Best Card Trick in The World - TUTORIAL
    • Two Deck Same Card Trick - Revealed
    • Arne Card Rise Card Trick - Revealed
    • Detective Card Trick - Revealed (Make some $$$!)
    • Blue Aces to Red Aces Card Trick - Revealed
    • This n\\\' That Card Trick - Revealed
    • Card Magic: 5 Speed REVEALED
    • Invisible Deck Card Trick - Revealed

January 16, 2010
    • Deck Review - A Deck Full of Gimmick Cards!
    • Siva Count Tutorial
    • WOW Card Trick Performance
    • talking queen tutorial perform by iamevanwang
    • Impenetrable (Person Through Fence) (Performance)
    • 2Ex (Performance)
    • double shock card trick (tutorial)
    • 190 Helix False Cut Tutorial
    • Push Through Shuffle Tutorial
    • Amazing Kings Card Trick Tutorial
    • The 4 Queens Card Trick Tutorial
    • Jumping Gemini Card Trick Tutorial
    • Card Magic: X-ray Vision REVEALED

January 15, 2010
    • the back jumping cards (tutorial)
    • Counting Cards Trick Explained
    • Quarter is Sealed Sugar Packet Tutorial
    • Quick and Easy Four Ace Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Any Card At Any Number (Tutorial)
    • Learn the Ego Card Change Trick

January 14, 2010
    • Learn how to do the Riffled 7s card trick
    • Learn how to do a card prediction trick
    • Learn how to do the ego card change trick
    • Learn the disappearing and re-appearing stick trick
    • Learn the cut and restored string trick

January 13, 2010
    • The Magic Black Board Explained by Masked Man
    • dentotape magic trick revealed
    • Morphing Prediction Card Trick REVEALED
    • Learn how to do the David Blaine Rising Card Effect
    • Re-Animation(cardistry Performance)
    • Magic Square Tutorial by Mismag822
    • breathe (flourishing performance)
    • the back jumping cards (performance)

January 12, 2010
    • Smoothest Coin Tricks Ever (Performances)
    • Mind Reach by Supratik Lodh (Performance)
    • Mind Control by Supratik Lodh (Performance)
    • the best mentalism card trick (tutorial) (very easy to do)
    • Learn a second way to do a color change
    • the coolest rubber band card trick (performance)..
    • Learn how to do a basic color card change
    • Learn how to do the Flicker Card Trick
    • The closest thing to real magic card trick explained
    • Translusion Illusion Card Trick Tutorial

January 11, 2010
    • the best mentalism card trick (performance)
    • 4 Ways to Control a Card to the Top of the Deck
    • The Glide (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Learn how to do the Biddle Card Trick
    • Learn how to do the Jumping Jacks card trick

January 10, 2010
    • The smoothest false shuffle (tutorial)
    • Sponge Ball Magic: How to palm a ball during a trick
    • Oil and Water Tutorial by Mismag822
    • Venus Vanish (Performance)
    • Quick as a wink card trick explanation
    • Arlington Aces tutorial
    • Chin Card Display (Tutorial)
    • goat change (performance)
    • rubber band trick (tutorial)
    • Learn the automatic discovery card trick
    • Fist Squeeze Coin Vanish Revealed
    • Sponge Ball Magic: The 10 Step Trick Explained

January 9, 2010
    • Mismag822 Amazing Math Card Trick Explanation
    • Smile on Your Face by WorldsWorstMagician (performance)
    • worlds coolest prediction card trick (performance)
    • How to do the worlds coolest prediction card trick
    • Color by Daniel Madison (Performance)
    • Learn how to magically float small objects
    • Mind Reader Card Trick Tutorial
    • Impossible Coin Trick Revealed
    • Learn how to make your own stripper deck

January 8, 2010
    • TUTORIAL - The Traveling Card - Performed by Andy Field
    • THE TRAVLING CARD - Performed By Andy Field
    • The jumping jacks (performance)
    • The back jumping jacks (tutorial) (easy to do)
    • Card in Bread Trick Tutorial
    • Easy Double Prediction Card Trick Revealed
    • Tivo 2.0 (Performance)
    • half.vanish(color change) cardini change(Performance)
    • How to marks cards for your magic tricks
    • Learn how to make a 3 card monte
    • Penetration Illusion Card Trick Tutorial

January 7, 2010
    • Learn how to do the ace of spades card trick
    • the back jumping jacks (tutorial)
    • Learn how to do the panic card trick
    • The cardini change performance
    • Learn how to do the Redux card trick
    • Snap And Control By krystian Robertsen Peformance
    • In-Tens By Cameron Francis Peformance
    • Fancy Double Lift Tutorial
    • Imprint Card Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Filling An Inside Flush Card Trick (Tutorial)
    • Learn how to do the invisible flight card trick
    • Learn how to do a cool card prediction
    • Color Changing Queens Magic trick revealed

January 6, 2010
    • Learn how to do the million dollar card trick
    • card routine revealed
    • The Wrong Aces (performance)
    • The Wrong Aces (tutorial)
    • Jeopardy (Live Performance; DisturbReality)
    • Jeopardy (Tutorial; DisturbReality)
    • Levitation 6-7 Feet Like Criss Angel (Performance)

January 5, 2010
    • One of the best false shuffles (tutorial) (must watch)
    • the best card trick (performance)
    • learn how to magically make a box open by itself
    • Criss Angels Card trick by - SkuLLz (Performance and Tutorial)
    • learn how to do a cool trick with a rubber band
    • The Most Useful Trick In Card Magic Revealed
    • Do As I Do Card Trick Explained
    • The Bizarre Twist Card Trick Performance
    • Dan and Dave Card Magic (Performance)

January 4, 2010
    • THE REVEALING DECK - Performed By Ms Field
    • Levitation Like Criss Angel (5-6 Feet) (Performance)
    • Learn a new way to make a signed coin penetrate through a glass
    • Evasive: Original False Card Cut Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the elmsley card count

January 3, 2010
    • Father Cyprians Sponge ball routine by Themomom (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Coin Vanish by Supratik Lodh (Performance)
    • 118 - original card trick revealed!!!
    • Cool Card Trick Revealed!
    • Gibberish Mentalism Card Trick Taught by Mismag822
    • THE HAUNTED DECK - Performed By Ms Field
    • Magic: Multiplying Die Revealed
    • Three Cards Down Revealed

January 2, 2010
    • xtreme card forcing (tutorial)
    • cool color change (Performance)
    • Cardini Change Routine (Performance)
    • Levitation (4-5 Feet) (Performance)
    • ambitious card routine contest by abedkh big cash prizes (performance)
    • Sybil Card Display (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Learn how to do the magic of diamonds card trick
    • Learn how to do a cool card trick
    • Learn how to do the psycho card trick
    • Magic Mistake Card Trick Explanation
    • Coin thru Elbow Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Rubberband magic tricks explained
    • Learn how to do the cups and balls magic trick
    • Learn how to make the Gecko Gimmick

January 1, 2010
    • Learn how to do the magic color stick trick
    • Glitter Extreme Card Manipulation Tutorial
    • The Best Little Self Working Card Trick Tutorial
    • David Blaine Switch Card Trick Tutorial
    • TUTORIAL - TOP SHOT - Performed By Andy Field
    • TOP SHOT - Performed By Andy Field
    • Learn how to do the Two Card Monte Magic Trick
    • The jumping card trick explained