October 2008 Card Magic Magic Trick Videos

October 31, 2008
    • Flip Floppy Deck Explained, Part 1
    • Flip Floppy Deck Explained, Part 2
    • Just Joking Card Trick by Jay Sankey Revealed
    • Aces from the Pocket Card Trick Revealed
    • The Nine Card Trick Revealed
    • Qasims Find a card cool magic trick revealed
    • Magic trick revealed (Throw vanish tutorial)
    • BEST colour burn card trick (Performance)

October 30, 2008
    • The Rising Card Gimmicked Deck by Gadfly71 (Performance)
    • Beginner Magic Revealed Vol. 34- Aces in a Glass

October 29, 2008
    • Aces From the Pocket by MagicForEveryone (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Hot Pepper Card Diffusion Performed by Mc J0n
    • Ghost Card Performed by Mc J0N
    • Hover Card (Performance) by Gadfly71
    • Do as I Do Card Trick Explained
    • 4 = 5 Card Trick Revealed

October 28, 2008
    • Devils Elevator Card Trick By Magick (Performance)
    • Jay Sankeys Terra Unfirma (Tutorial)
    • The Card Reversal by MagicForEveryone (Perofrmance & Tutorial)
    • The Upside Down Deck by MagicForEveryone (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Perfect PENetration By MAGICASHER111 (Performance)

October 27, 2008
    • one handed fan tutorial by: acefighter73
    • Jay Sankeys Terra Unfirma by Gadfly71 (Performance)
    • Magic Card Trick Revealed No.5

October 26, 2008
    • Inverse Impulse Colour Change (Performance and Tutorial) By: Providence
    • Kick ass card trick revealed
    • wow by masuda magic trick revealed

October 25, 2008
    • Quick as a wink Revealed By VMAGIC99
    • Story Card Trick by irateu89 (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Double Lift Card Trick by irateu89 (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Worlds Greatest Card Trick by irateu89 (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Easy Color Change Tutorial by Ray Martin
    • Box Strike Card Trick Revealed BY VMAGIC99
    • Ace Card Trick Revealed by Ellusionist

October 24, 2008
    • Nice Card Trick Revealed By VMAGIC99
    • The Amazing Aces Trick Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Snap Change (Performance and Tutorial)
    • ACR Performed By CardShark182

October 23, 2008
    • Shape Shifter Colour Card Change Tutorial
    • In Depth (15 Minute) Ambitious Card Routine Tutorial
    • In Depth Explanation of the Card Vanish Trick
    • Snap Change (Performance and Tutorial) By: Providence
    • Turned Card Trick (Performance)

October 22, 2008
    • Magic Card Warp - REVEALED!!! - AWESOME CloseUp Trick!
    • Axis colour change magic trick revealed
    • No String Floating Card Magic Trick(EASY) By JakeNielk(Tutorial)
    • Revolution Card Cut [TUTORIAL]
    • Mine and Yours Card Trick Revealed By VMAGIC99
    • Jumping Card Trick Revealed By VMAGIC99

October 21, 2008
    • The Colourful Eight Card Trick Explained
    • The wave magic card trick revealed
    • Great Easy Card Change Revealed By: Jack of 25

October 20, 2008
    • Boxing Match By: Jack of 25 (Performance)
    • Card Switch Revealed by Vmagic99
    • super card color change tutorial

October 19, 2008
    • Duck Change Style Card Change Tutorial
    • Four aces One by One production tutorial
    • Best Card Control tutorial
    • Shapeshifter best tutorial
    • JOkers Find It Tutorial
    • Acrobatic Aces By: Jack of 25 (performance)
    • super card color change (performance)
    • Missing Kings Magic Trick Revealed
    • pick a card any card (Performance & Tutorial)
    • the christ aces card magic by magick (performance)
    • Blue Card Trick (Performance & Tutorial)

October 18, 2008
    • Key Card Magic Trick Explanation
    • Learn a great card prediction magic trick
    • Learn how to do a simple card forcing trick
    • Voodoo card prediction (Performance)
    • The Twenty-One Card Trick by MagicForEveryone (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Rising Card Performance by Patrick D.
    • Card Production Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Card Reading Magic Trick (Awesome Trick) Performed by Mc J0n

October 17, 2008
    • Over Kill Card Trick Revealed
    • deck change and coin production (performance)
    • Learn how to do some card forces
    • Card floating magic trick illusion revealed

October 16, 2008
    • The Nine Card Trick by MagicForEveryone (Performance & Tutorial)
    • A very simple floating card without anything attach revealed by: Jack of 25
    • The Worlds Greatest Card Trick Performance & Tutorial
    • lemberger magic svengali deck explanation
    • Grandpa Aces (my version) performance: Magicman1040
    • Card Color Revolution Performed by MC J0N
    • Learn how to do the david blaine ambitious card routine
    • tenkai vanish tutorial
    • Biddle Card Trick Tutorial

October 15, 2008
    • Amazing Easy Coin Transpo Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Mind Wave Card Trick Revealed
    • BB Card Trick Revealed By Vmagic99
    • The Compeller Card Trick Revealed By Vmagic99
    • card manipulation (Performance & Tutorial)
    • BizarreVanish Card Trick (Performance)
    • Optical Wallet Card Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Cut to the Aces Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Coin Matrix Trick By Vmagic99 (performance)
    • Torn and restored Card Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Rising Card Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Palmer Card Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Dokter D Card Trick By Vmagic99 (Performance)
    • Worlds Best Card Trick Revealed By Vmagic99

October 14, 2008
    • Amazing but simple David Blaine card trick Revealed by Pabce
    • Wild Joker Revealed By Vmagic99 (If sound doesn\\\'t work, im sorry!)
    • Card from Middle to Top Tutorial
    • automatic card discovery trick tutorial
    • Hindu Shuffle Tutorial (For Beginners)
    • ambitious classic (performance) by magick
    • Card in Sealed Coke Can (Performance)
    • card on the hand by lemberger revealed
    • random card change tutorial

October 13, 2008
    • Out of this world taught by: acefighter73 (P & T)
    • self revising deck (performance)
    • self revising deck (tutorial)
    • Spelling Card Trick Tutorial
    • Nice False Card Cut Tutorial

October 12, 2008
    • the flick switch!!! REVEALED!!!
    • Amazing Easy Card Change Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Great Cards Transpo By: Jack of 25 (performance)
    • A cool card switch tutorial
    • ultimate card prediction performance by: Magicman1040
    • The Very Cool Color Change Tutorial
    • chameleion card trick by magick (performance)
    • 7 card assembly trick by magick (performance)
    • Card Switch Performance By Vmagic99
    • *BEST* Ambitious classic card trick (performance)

October 11, 2008
    • Ace of Spades on top of your card! (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Intermediate False Cut Card Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Basic False Cut Card Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Pro Card Trick Revealed

October 10, 2008
    • Push Up Card Trick Revealed By Vmagic99
    • Card in Orange Magic Trick Revealed
    • Red and Black Aces Performance
    • *NEW* color change by d m (performance)
    • Best card trick EVER... OVERKILL (performance)
    • The Self Revising Deck (Performance)
    • Self Reversing Deck Card Trick Revealed

October 9, 2008
    • This N That Card Trick Explained
    • Million Dollar Card Trick Revealed
    • Cardini Card Change (Performance)
    • Cardini Card Change (Tutorial)
    • Distortion by Wayne Houchin (Performance)
    • Duck Card Change (Tutorial)
    • Duck Card Change (Performance)
    • Mind Wave Card Trick Performed by Mc Jon
    • New Version of This and That Card Trick (Performance)
    • two cool card tricks (tutorial)
    • Torn and restored card trick (performance)
    • A cool card trick (performance)
    • Elevator card trick signed (Performance)
    • Biddle Card trick (performance)
    • jumping aces card trick (performance)
    • Panic By: Jack of 25 (performance)
    • Straight Jokers By: Jack of 25 (Performance)
    • disapearing cards in case performance
    • Shrinking card case performance
    • Back Palm Tutorial
    • Single Card Production Tutorial by lf52
    • Single Card Production Performance

October 8, 2008
    • The Rub Vanish Card Move Tutorial
    • Tenkai Vanish and Production Card Magic Tutorial
    • Back Palm Card Magic Tutorial
    • Rose from a Card Magic Trick (Performance)
    • Nearly Conflagarated Card Trick (Performance)
    • The Houdini Card Trick that I made up (performance and tutorial)

October 7, 2008
    • Killer B Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Coin matrix tutorial by LF52
    • Coin Matrix Performance by LF52
    • Drop change card trick (performance & tutorial)
    • Amazing Old coin magic (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Invisible deck (Tutorial)

October 6, 2008
    • Superb Color Card Change Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • 4 Aces Card Trick Revealed
    • Basic Card Color Change Tutorial
    • Flourish- used by Wayne Houchin (Performance)
    • Flourish- used by Wayne Houchin (Tutorial)
    • Twisting the Aces 1.0 (Performance)
    • All tricks from the Trilogy (Performance)
    • Tenkai Card Vanish (performance)
    • Geordie Card Shuffle (Performance)
    • Perfect Card Productions Tutorial by lf52
    • Card Manipulations by Juveboy (Performance)
    • My best card manipulations by Juveboy (Performance)
    • The Astral Projection by Juveboy (Performance)
    • How to do a Long Card Spread
    • Classic Pass (performance)

October 5, 2008
    • Thunderbird By: Jack of 25 (Performance)
    • Card Change Tutorial
    • Card reversal and erdnase change tutorial
    • Learn how to do the Marlo Tilt
    • Floating Card Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Queenspell Card Trick (Performance)
    • Simple, effective card control - MagicTutorials

October 4, 2008
    • Cull Card Force Tutorial
    • Delusion Card Trick Revealed By Jack of 25
    • Great Card Penetration By: Jack of 25 (Performance)
    • 4 Card Routine Tutorial
    • 4 Card Routine Performance

October 3, 2008
    • Magic Trick Vanish The Card Explanation
    • The Devils Elevator Card Trick by MagicK (Performance)
    • Clever Card Trick Revealed

October 2, 2008
    • A very easy card trick illusion revealed by: Jack of 25
    • Time machine card (performance)
    • Sandwicher by Motas (performance)

October 1, 2008
    • Hilarious Card Magic Trick Revealed
    • The Red and Black Card Trick Revealed
    • Knights in the Castle Card Trick Revealed
    • Learn a really simple card trick
    • Gimmicked Color Change Card Trick Explanation
    • Floating half of the deck revealed by: Jack of 25