November 2007 Magic Trick Videos

November 30, 2007
    • The Magnetic Match Magic Trick Revealed
    • How to magically change 3 ropes into one rope
    • Ring and Rope Magic Trick Revealed
    • Double Cut Rope in Half Magic Trick Tutorial
    • One Handed Knot Magic Trick Revealed
    • Threading the Needle Rope Trick Explanation

November 29, 2007
    • How to make homemade gaff cards for your magic tricks
    • Mentalism Effect Using 6 Objects Revealed by Magician Tim Mannix
    • The Three Card Monte Tutorial with Gimmick by Wow Magician
    • Learn how to do the Card Finding Trick by The Silver Fighter
    • Learn a card trick that uses the four aces

November 28, 2007
    • Learn how to perform the finger palm vanish by magic147258
    • Learn how to do the impromptu rising card trick
    • Coin Thru Deck Magic Illusion Explanation
    • The 7 and 8 Card Trick Revealed
    • The Amazing Match Box Trick Tutorial by Wow Magician

November 27, 2007
    • Learn how to do a bunch of different magic tricks with rubber bands
    • Disappearing Legs Magic Illusion Revealed
    • Vanishing Rubber Band Trick Revealed
    • Magic Lie Detector Test Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn the Secret Behind the Bling Fling Magic Illusion
    • Learn a way to vanish one playing card into thin air
    • The 3 Card Monte Trick Explanation
    • The Fury Card Cut Tutorial

November 26, 2007
    • Amazing Coin Trick Revealed by the Silver Fighter
    • The 4 Aces Get Together Card Trick Revealed by Jack of 25
    • The Throw Deck Card Trick Revealed
    • Coin in a Bottle Bar Trick Explanation
    • The Vanishing Crayons Magic Prop Revealed

November 25, 2007
    • Penn and Teller Reveal how to Cut a Man in Half
    • The Thumb Thing Magic Trick Revealed by Jack of 25
    • Learn how to do the fantastic five card trick
    • David Blaines Riffle Mind Reading Card Trick Revealed by Sundeep

November 24, 2007
    • David Blaines Aces Shake Magic Trick Revealed
    • Learn David Blaines 2 Deck Predicting Card Trick
    • Mind Freak Puzzled Trick Revealed by Jack of 25

November 23, 2007
    • Bertram Card Change Explained by Atry
    • How to do a drop change with playing cards
    • How to do a Flip Back with a Deck of Playing Cards in the Box
    • Learn a super easy to do card trick
    • Learn how to magically make a wallet out of playing cards

November 22, 2007
    • How to make a silk vanish using a thumb tip gimmick
    • Glok 52 Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the invisible deck gimmicked magic trick
    • Spring and Ring Magic Puzzle Trick Explanation

November 21, 2007
    • Impossible Card Vanish Trick Explanation
    • Learn How To Do 2 False Overhand Card Shuffles
    • The Magic Paddle Move Explained (Learn How To Make Your Own Paddle)
    • How to make your own Raven Style Gimmick for only $3
    • Color Card Change Flip Card Trick Revealed
    • How to magically link and un link a nail
    • Double Trouble Card Trick Explanation
    • D-False Cut Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn the Hindu Force Card Shuffle
    • Paper Transport Magic Illusion Revealed
    • Learn how to do a Coin Through Hand Trick (No Gimmicks)

November 20, 2007
    • How to magically make smoke appear from your finger tips!
    • Shoelace Knot Magic Trick Revealed by Magic147258
    • The Psychic Touch Mentalism Effect Explanation by magic147258
    • Scarf Thru Neck Magic Illusion Revealed by Dave J. Castle

November 19, 2007
    • The Anti-Gravity Ring Trick Revealed
    • Invisible Palm Explanation (Card Magic)
    • Color Prediction Magic Trick Revealed by Magic147258
    • Article Line Prediction Trick Revealed by Magic147258
    • Eye of the Tiger Revealed (Rope Magic)
    • 5 Object Mentalism Effect Revealed by Magic147258
    • Learn how to do the Triumph Card Trick
    • How to make a bottle cap magically disappear
    • Torn & Restored Bill Illusion Revealed
    • How to magically pick a lock - good tip for your escape magic tricks

November 18, 2007
    • PK Coin Bend Illusion Revealed by Magic147258
    • Learn how to do a Newspaper Prediction Mentalism Effect
    • Learn an easy to do amazing card trick
    • Learn how to make a pen magically come out of your nose
    • The Homing Card Trick Revealed by Magic147258
    • Tenkai Switch Tutorial by Street91 (Card Magic)
    • Tenkai Card Fan Tutorial by Street91
    • Revolving Pass Card Routine Tutorial by Street91
    • Learn a cool prediction trick that uses three piles of playing cards
    • 3 Same Cards Jump to the Top of the Deck Revealed
    • The Marked Card Trick Revealed
    • Turn Over Pass Card Effect Explanation
    • Elevator Card Cut Tutorial (Extreme Card Manipulation)
    • Learn how to do the half pass card effect
    • Learn how to do an easy false card cut

November 17, 2007
    • The Envelope Mind Reading Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • How to make your own blank playing cards for magic tricks
    • Learn how to vanish a coin with a gimmick

November 16, 2007
    • Learn the Fast Transistion Color Change (Card Magic)
    • Learn how to do the Riffle Shuffle (Beginner Card Magic)
    • The Instant Card Trick Revealed
    • Four Eyes Card Trick Revealed (Gimmicked Trick for Beginners)
    • Learn a simple way to vanish a coin
    • Blindsided Card Trick Revealed
    • Learn how to do the card change magic trick
    • Snap Change Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • Radar Hands Card Trick Explanation
    • The Stuck Coin Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to do an amazing levitation
    • Learn how to do the Disappearing Tooth Pick Trick
    • Pen and Coin Trick Tutorial
    • UFO Hovering Card Illusion Revealed
    • Learn how to bite a piece of metal out of a coin and then put the coin back together like magic
    • Pen Thru Bill Trick Revealed
    • Learn how to vanish a card into thin air
    • Quarter Thru Solid Table Magic Trick Revealed (Coin Magic)
    • Appearing Cell Phone Magic Illusion Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the cut your finger off magic illusion
    • Coin Through Tic Tac Box Explanation
    • Napkin to Golf Ball Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Floating Cup Illusion Revealed
    • The Jumping Tooth Pick Trick Explained

November 15, 2007
    • Criss Angel Appearing Hummer revealed
    • Criss Angel Rollercoaster Illusion Revealed
    • The Die Box Magic Prop Revealed (Stage Magic)
    • Learn how to magically pull dry sand out of water

November 14, 2007
    • The Cusos Muscle Pass Tutorial (Advanced Coin Magic)
    • Cigarette Thru Any Selected Card Revealed (Gimmicked Card Magic - Intermediate Skill Level)
    • Learn 2 Magic Tricks you can do with a Tooth Pick (Beginner Magic)
    • Change a $10 Bill into a $5 Bill Illusion Revealed (Intermediate Money Magic)
    • Bankrupt Card Trick Explanation (Gimmicked Card Magic - Intermediate Skill Level)
    • The Clipper Card Trick Revealed (Beginner Card Magic)
    • The Sandwich Card Trick Explained (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Learn how to make your own brainwave deck (Card Magic for Beginners)
    • Cheek to Cheek Gimmicked Card Trick Revealed (Beginner Magic)
    • The Turnover Card Trick Explained (Great Trick for Beginners)

November 13, 2007
    • Criss Angel teaches you how to do a magic trick with a pen and a coin
    • Learn how to properly do the swing cut (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Criss Angel teaches you how to do the What is In The Bag Magic Trick
    • Coin Teleportation Magic Trick Explained (Coin Magic)
    • Learn how to do the Elmsley Count (Card Magic)

November 12, 2007
    • Learn the famous Houdini Card Trick
    • Learn how to do a David Blaine magic card trick
    • Cigarette Through Coin Tutorial
    • The Double Lift Secret Move (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Crazy Mans Handcuffs Tutorial (Advanced Rubber Band Magic)
    • Herman Pass Explanation (Card Magic)
    • Ace to Queens Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Color Change Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Learn how to do the card box switch trick
    • Street Magic Trick Tutorial (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Waving the Aces Variation Explanation (Card Magic)
    • Learn how to empty a pop can and then make it magically fill back up again like magic
    • How to properly do the Hindu Shuffle (Card Magic)
    • How to do the Charlier Cut Alternative (Card Magic)

November 11, 2007
    • Hindu Shuffle Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Vanishing Deck Magic Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • This N That Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Learn how to magically balance a coin on a dollar bill
    • Over Hand Shuffle Tutorial (Card Magic for Beginners)
    • Erdnase Change Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Flip Back Magic Trick Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Learn how to transform 1 silk into 2 silks
    • David Blaine Magic Trick Revealed (Card Magic)

November 10, 2007
    • Teleporting Card Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • Disappearing Quarter Trick Explanation (Coin Magic)
    • Make a coin disappear by waving your hand over it (Tutorial)
    • How to do the Number Changing Die Trick
    • Rollover Magic Card Force Tutorial by Dave J. Castle (Beginner Card Magic)
    • 10-20 Magic Card Force Explanation by Dave J. Castle (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Learn how to easily change a one card to another card (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Card in the Box Trick Revealed (Beginner Magic)
    • Learn how to do a card trick with a regular deck (Beginner Card Magic)

November 9, 2007
    • The Red and Black Aces Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • The Rebel Magic Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • The David Blaine Elevator Trick Revealed (Card Magic)
    • The Disappearing Sponge Ball Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to do a cool card trick (intermediate skill level)
    • An Easy and Unoticable way to do a double lift (Card Magic)
    • Blank Queen Magic Trick Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Cell Phone Magic Trick Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Snap Change Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Stuck Magic Trick Revealed (Coin Magic)
    • FlipBack Trick Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Fan Production Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Zombie of Blood Magic Trick Tutorial (Card Magic)
    • Combination Card Trick Revealed

November 8, 2007
    • Thumb Removal Illusion Tutorial (Beginner Magic)
    • Haunted Deck Revealed (Card Magic)
    • How to make a pen float (levitation magic)
    • How to make the flash paper used by magicians
    • 4 Kings Magic Trick Revealed (Beginner Card Magic)
    • Disappearing Coin to Shoe Trick Revealed (Coin Magic)
    • Pen Cap Vanish Tutorial (Close-up Magic)
    • Disappearing Handkerchief Illusion Explanation (Silk Magic)

November 7, 2007
    • Jokers to Aces Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • How to push a penny thru a plastic bottle
    • Learn how to do the spell the card magic trick
    • How to magically make money using a match box
    • Eat Shoelaces Magic Illusion (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Thumb Removal Illusion Revealed
    • The Coin Matrix Magic Trick Instructional Video
    • How to magically remove a lighter from under a bottle without the bottle falling over
    • Learn how to do a cool impromptu card trick that uses the four jacks

November 6, 2007
    • Brand New Coin Thru Table (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Coin Transport 2 by Sundeep (Performance and Tutorial)
    • 21 Card Trick (Performance and Explanation)
    • Joker Finds the Card Trick (Performance and Explanation)
    • How to magically twirl playing cards
    • Revolution Flipback Tutorial
    • Bobo Coin Switch Explanation (Coin Magic)

November 5, 2007
    • Million Dollar Card Trick Explanation
    • 4 Jokers Turn into 4 Aces Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • 3 Simple Magic Tricks Revealed
    • Pin Thru Arm Magic Illusion Revealed
    • Mind Merge Card Trick (Performance and Explanation)
    • Color Changing Deck by FrenchMagician91 (Performance and Tutorial)

November 4, 2007
    • Learn how to do the teleporting ball trick
    • Back Palm Card Effect Tutorial
    • Lance Burtons Card Fan From Nowhere (Tutorial)
    • Drop Card Change Tutorial
    • Cardini Card Change Tutorial
    • Learn a card trick that will blow peoples minds
    • Easy To Do, But Effective Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)

November 3, 2007
    • Snap Change Tutorial
    • Learn how to levitate a friend
    • Card Spin Tutorial
    • 3 Coin Tricks Revealed
    • How to pull a rabbit out of your hat
    • Amazing Eye of the Tiger Tutorial
    • Crystal Silk Cylinder Magic Prop Explanation
    • Great XCM Card Cuts Tutorial
    • Explanation of an Easy Card Vanish
    • Classic Pass Tutorial
    • How To Do A Super Cool Card Levitation

November 2, 2007
    • NFW Explanation by Penguin Magic
    • Astral Projection Explanation by Penguin Magic
    • Thumb Fan Card Flourish Tutorial
    • The One Last Thing Card Trick by ProsserMagic (Performance and Tutorial)

November 1, 2007
    • Thickness Magic Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • A Brand New Coin Transport Illusion (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Card Between The Jokers Trick by Sundeep (Performance and Explanation)
    • One Handed Top Palm Tutorial
    • Jazz Aces Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to magically win a coin toss every time
    • Revolver card trick by theeggman85 - performance and tutorial
    • Learn how to magically fire proof a balloon
    • Learn an easy to do card magic trick
    • Learn how to do 3 Easy Beginner Coin Tricks
    • Learn how to properly backpalm a playing card