May 2010 Magic Trick Videos

May 31, 2010
    • Touch Card Trick (Performance)
    • The Chicago Opener (Performance)
    • Faro Card Shuffle Tutorial
    • Thumb Card Fan Tutorial
    • Erdnase Card Change Tutorial
    • Tutorial 2 - Easy Fake Cut
    • Jack-Ro-Bats - Performance and Tutorial
    • A Cool Prediction Card Trick( Revealed~~~!!)

May 29, 2010
    • The Jones Change (Performance)
    • Black Ghost Deck Review
    • Werm cut & more... (Performance)
    • Leapfrog Card Trick Tutorial
    • Easy But Fantastic Card Trick - Performance and Tutorial
    • Insane Card Trick Revealed- the Clock Routine
    • when the joker is out card trick - revealed
    • Best Prediction Trick Ever Revealed
    • Where Is Your Card? Revealed
    • Classic Card Tricks Tutorial: the teleporting aces pt2
    • Good luck card trick revealed
    • Oil into Water Card Trick Performance and Tutorial
    • Classic Card Tricks Tutorial: the teleporting aces pt1
    • The Four Apartments Card Trick Revealed
    • Addition Card Trick Revealed

May 28, 2010
    • A nice color change (Performance)
    • Sid Lorraine Force/Overhand Shuffle Tutorial

May 27, 2010
    • Magic Moments: Joker Card trick (Performance)
    • the four cards trick (performance & tutorial)
    • UFO CHANGES (Performance)
    • The Four Angels Trick (Performance)
    • The Triple-Threat Card Trick - Scam School
    • Really Cool, Easy Card Trick: REVEALED!
    • Cool Card Trick ReVeAlEd~~!

May 26, 2010
    • How To Find Your True Love!? Impress A Pretty Lady With This Simple And Easy Card Trick (Performance)
    • the magic of the 9-revealed, with music
    • Deja Vu by Dan and Dave Tutorial
    • jorgte santana TK lethal atraction from panama (performance)
    • Make a Coke Bottle Disappear (Performance)
    • the magic of the 21, amazing mentalism trick revealed
    • Magic Tricks Revealed: Bank Robbing Jacks

May 25, 2010
    • jorge santana::XCM card flourish and productions from panama (performance)
    • jorge santana AKA El Mago: the best video of SAW in the by a professional street magician (performance)!

May 24, 2010
    • FIber Optics Performed By Russomagix
    • AtTENtion - Card Trick Performance by Mismag822
    • As Fast as a Wink Card Trick - Revealed
    • side steal/color change by Jon Bowman (performance)
    • The Four Aces Card Trick Revealed
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed 34: (The Sandwich Prediction)
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed 36 (Revolver)
    • The Kicker magic card trick revealed
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed 35 (The 5 Predictions)
    • How did you do that card trick revealed

May 23, 2010
    • The Detective Joker Revealed!!
    • Revealed: Best Simple Card Trick
    • snap change and classic pass by Jon Bowman (performance)
    • beginning magic tricks- by dhinesh (performance)
    • portal by dan & dave (Performance)
    • TUTORIAL: How to magically win every hand of poker

May 22, 2010
    • Card To Wallet Effect Performed By Russomagix
    • Getting Older - Best Card Trick Ever (performance)
    • TUTORIAL: Twisted Flush performed by MagicSkillz100
    • Flipped Aces Trick (Revealed)
    • Match the cards trick - revealed
    • ye olde bank robbery change-revealed!!!!
    • SimplACEity ~ Revealed
    • Lance Burton Magic Trick with Glass Explained

May 21, 2010
    • Flower Card Fan Tutorial
    • Criss Angels Coins from Thin Air Explained
    • Trading spaces: my invented card trick (performance)
    • I Hate David Copperfield Card Trick Performed By Russomagix
    • Best Friends Card Trick Revealed
    • Orient Express Illusion Revealed
    • The non poker voice card trick Revealed
    • coin vanish revealed
    • ball thru box magic trick revealed

May 20, 2010
    • How to magically Cut a Lime in half with a cigarette! - Scam School
    • The Knockout Deck REVEALED by MagicRevealer1
    • ringtone by adam grace (tutorial)
    • Jorge Santana daniel garcia daniel madison etc tricks (performance)
    • 673 King St Card Trick - Performance by Mismag822
    • Simple Coin Trick Tutorial

May 19, 2010
    • XCM The Werm Tutorial
    • Black Bear Card Trick Performance and Tutorial
    • How To Make A Card Float (No Gimmicks)
    • pen thru banknote magic trick revealed
    • vanishing silk magic trick revealed
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed (Jumping Card)
    • Counted Cards Revealed
    • 3 Card tricks FREE and EASY to LEARN!
    • Nothing is Real Card Trick Revealed

May 18, 2010
    • The Lost and Transformed Card Trick Revealed
    • david blaine card trick revealed
    • Two really cool tricks revealed

May 17, 2010
    • Do As I Do Performance/Tutorial
    • The Werm XCM Tutorial
    • Reset Card Trick with a Twist - Tutorial
    • A Literal Color Change Revealed
    • Sponge Ball Magic Revealed
    • Flip Overs Card Trick Revealed

May 16, 2010
    • 673 King Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn This Coin Trick Move - The French Drop
    • His/Her Card Trick *Revealed*
    • 18 by Cameron Francis (Performance)
    • Classic Card Trick Tutorial:Jumping Gemini part2
    • Learn 5 Ways to force a card when doing magic
    • David Blaine - Location trick - TUTORIAL
    • Through the Eye in a Barrel Magic Trick Revealed

May 15, 2010
    • Transformation card trick Revealed!!!
    • colorblind (performance)
    • The Magic nines self working trick revealed.
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed (The Magic 8s)
    • The best card trick in the world revealed!
    • Cut The Deck Trick Revealed
    • Easy great card trick (tutorial)

May 14, 2010
    • Card in the Middle Card Trick Tutorial
    • Kings and Queens in the Hotel -- Revealed
    • Four Of A Kind Triumph Tutorial
    • Filler (Performance)
    • How to do Strip by Jose Laquest (performance)
    • Tarantula by Yigal Mesika (performance)
    • Criss Angel Reveals his ToothPick Trick on A&E
    • Disappearing Aces Card Trick (Performance & Tutorial)
    • The Shark Performed by Russomagix
    • jumping signature (performance)
    • signed card in sealed deck (performance)
    • Push Through Riffle Shuffle - Tutorial by Mismag822

May 13, 2010
    • Magician Casanova Flame Trick (Performance)
    • Incredible Street Magic with big final surprise! (Performance)
    • Ed Alonzos suspension mystery (Performance)
    • Criss Angels SCARY COIN TRICK (Performance)
    • Bandex Box Card Trick Performance
    • What the Joker?! (Performance)
    • Tutorial 1 - Easy Fake Card Cut
    • Shape Shifter Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • $5 changing into $10 revealed
    • Counting the cards REVEALED
    • Cyrils Coins from No Where Trick Revealed
    • Learn how to do a one handed cut by scam school

May 12, 2010
    • One Handed Charlier Card Cut Tutorial
    • Amazing 4 Ace Card Trick Revealed
    • Prediction Card Trick Revealed
    • criss angel card trick (performance and tutorial)
    • Mind Control Card Trick! Revealed
    • The Impossible Card Trick Tutorial
    • the magic 9 card trick revealed (a must for beginners)

May 11, 2010
    • Angel Card Cut Tutorial
    • Marked Assembly by Debuggermagic Performance
    • Smooth Card Flourishes by thecuso
    • Ace detective magic trick (Performance)
    • The art of Magic (Performance)
    • Fun and Simple Coin Trick Revealed by Jay Jay

May 10, 2010
    • Thunder Down Under - Card Trick Tutorial by Mismag822
    • 3 Card Monte Trick with Tutorial
    • Learn how to dribble cards
    • the simplest card trick for beginners REVEALED!!!
    • A Poker Players Picnic Revealed [Card Trick Central V.69]
    • The Coin Vanish by Elbow (Performance and Tutorial)

May 9, 2010
    • Aces Trick Tutorial
    • awesome Prediction trick *REVEALED* !!
    • One Secret To Improve Your Magic
    • How to perform a table colour change

May 8, 2010
    • Invisible Hole by Johnny Hirose (performance)
    • cool self-working card trick revealed
    • How to perform the Chicago opener
    • Cool false card cut tutorial
    • How To Force A Card (Another Method)

May 7, 2010
    • Oil and Water (Performace)
    • Melted Transport by CtheAmazing (performance)
    • False swing card cut - Tutorial
    • Simple False Card Cut Revealed
    • Carousel Card Trick REVEALED!
    • Easy Card Force - Tutorial

May 6, 2010
    • Jazz Aces Card Trick Tutorial
    • Rising Dribble Revealed
    • Retarted Kings Revealed
    • How to Magically Make a Paper Airplane Out of Playing Cards!
    • The Coin Matrix Magic Trick Revealed
    • Sloppy Shuffle Triumph Card Trick REVEALED!!!

May 5, 2010
    • EXTREME card manipulation by Silvan the magician (PERFORMANCE)
    • Vernon Cups And Balls by MENDOZA (Performance)
    • Michael Ammar Cups And Balls (Performance)
    • The amazing and incredible Freddy Balducci show you the Bottle Illusion (Performance)
    • Ball and Vase: By Royal Magic. REVEALED. (HD)
    • Match from wallet magic trick revealed
    • Match To Rose Magic Trick Revealed!!!!
    • The Venus Trap By Chriss Brown Revealed.
    • How To Disappear a Coin into your Arm REVEALED!!

May 4, 2010
    • The turning tens by Dries3s (performance)
    • Hand to mouth by Dan & Dave Buck (tutorial)
    • The Jokers Who Robbed The Bank Revealed
    • Card Trick - Find your Card (revealed)
    • Worlds Greatest Card Trick Revealed
    • Disappearing Speller Card Revealed
    • the gecko revealed and how to make it
    • Invisible Palm Revealed
    • Believe Card Trick REVEALED By Joe Paschall!
    • The Haunted Silk by Milleaccendini (Performance)
    • Name Any Card Magic Trick REVEALED!
    • Magic Tricks Revealed: Coin Bending

May 3, 2010
    • ENERGY by Bilonet (PERFORMANCE)
    • DUPLEX illusion (performance)
    • 3 card Monte -street magic- (PERFORMANCE)
    • Card Flourish Tutorials- Side Winder
    • The BEST Card Force REVEALED!
    • The BEST False Cut REVEALED!
    • Mad4Teens - Jay Jay Does Some More Cool Magic At Big Event

May 2, 2010
    • Jay Jay Freaks People Out While Wearing Ed Hardy
    • One-Handed Aerial Tutorial
    • Impossible Card Trick Performance
    • Telekinesis REVEALED!!!
    • Amazing Card Trick (Performance)
    • The Berglas Effect (PERFORMANCE)
    • Criss Angel Lost and Found Card Trick REVEALED!
    • StairWay By TheMomom Performance
    • David Blaine Invisible Deck Performance
    • David Blaine Levitation (Performance)
    • Silvan The Great Ring Illusion & Levitation (Performance)
    • Cartier By David Jade REVEALED!!!!!!
    • Bigger Finish By Jay Sankey REVEALED!!!!!!
    • Dan And Dave Buck- Headbergs Peak Card Trick Revealed!!!! By MagicRevealer1.
    • Royal Flushtration Card Trick Revealed
    • How to Balance an Entire Deck of Cards on a Single Card!!
    • The REAL secret of linking rings revealed: the explanation of CONmagic!

May 1, 2010
    • Where Is My Ace? By Marko Bol%u010Di%u010D (Performance)
    • Impossible change by Magic Boy (performance)
    • A Couple Different Ways to Force a Playing Card
    • Sybil 1010 (Performance And Tutorial)
    • Jumping Card *Revealed*
    • 9 Packet Card Display Tutorial
    • Person Appearance From Nowhere (Performance)