August 2009 Magic Trick Videos

August 31, 2009
    • XCM Flourish Rocker False Cut Tutorial
    • The Kings! Card Trick Tutorial
    • 2 Jumping Cards Trick (Explained)
    • 4x4 Card Prediction Trick Revealed

August 30, 2009
    • Old In New Out Card Trick (Performance) By JayKayMagic
    • Card Prediction Trick Revealed! (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Gimmick card trick - revealed
    • The Phoenix Matches Magic Trick Revealed!! AMAZING!
    • The Blister Vanish Revealed!
    • Captured Card Trick Tutorial
    • Wongster88s Anaconda (Performance)
    • Oil & water card trick By Pexi (performance)
    • Dream of Aces Card Trick Explanation
    • Mother of all card tricks (The master system) revealed
    • Air Pressure Turn-Over Tutorial

August 29, 2009
    • How To Break A Rubber Band, And Then Magically Restore It! (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Aces All Again Card Trick Revealed
    • Unknown Card Trick Tutorial
    • How to force or predict a card by awesomemagictutorial (performance & Tutorial)
    • ATTENTION card trick Performance and tutorial
    • Terrific Triumph Card Trick performance and tutorial
    • Biddle Card Trick Tutorial
    • Card Spinning Magic Trick And Method - Tutorial
    • Crosega card flourish tutorial

August 28, 2009
    • Dinner For Two Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • 2 Easy Card Changes That Anyone Can Do (Tutorial)
    • Siamese Twins Card Trick Revealed
    • Snap Change Performed By TheWesleymen (performance)

August 27, 2009
    • Dribble card force tutorial
    • Houdini Card Trick (Performance)
    • Awesome queen card trick revealed
    • How to magically escape from a Zip Tie
    • Criss Angel Dog Appearance (Performance)
    • Criss Angel Coin Through Soda Can (Performance)
    • Shooting Card Tutorial
    • My Favorite Card Trick And Tutorial
    • Kings and Queens performance and tutorial
    • Ghost Cards performance and tutorial
    • mismag822 Contest #7 Favorite card trick performance and tutorial
    • Cough Up Card Trick Revealed
    • Stigmata card trick revealed
    • My favorite non-gimmicked card trick performance and tutorial

August 26, 2009
    • Open Prediction Card Trick Explanation
    • Three Indicators Card Trick (Performance)
    • Awesome Joker Card Trick Revealed
    • Bicycle ghost gaff deck review
    • No Name Card Trick Revealed
    • NFW Card Trick Tutorial

August 25, 2009
    • The final card trick revealed
    • Ace Card trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Magic Peformance Tip: How To Get Your Spectators More Involved (Tutorial)
    • New Self Reversing Card Trick Revealed
    • The Two Aces Trick Performed and Revealed
    • inve-ace-able card trick revealed
    • Keep It Simple Card Trick (Performance)
    • Making Gaff Cards Tutorial
    • The Switching Deck Trick Explained
    • Phone Number Card Trick Revealed

August 24, 2009
    • Bicycle Deck Review: Tragic Royalty
    • Really Cool Card Trick (Performance & Tutorial)
    • easy cool trick revealed (great for beginners)
    • Very Simple Coin Vanish (Performance & Tutorial)

August 23, 2009
    • Impossible Card Prediction Revealed
    • Rubber Band Up The Nose Magic Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Stigmata Street Magic Trick Revealed
    • Coincidence? Card Trick Revealed
    • How to make a person vanish by TrickBusters
    • Double Fun Card Trick Revealed
    • Bicycle Deck Review: Eco Edition
    • Four Card Prediction Trick Revealed
    • The 8 Card Brainwave Card Trick Revealed
    • the crazy joker revealed

August 22, 2009
    • tivo 2.0 (performance)
    • Dream Aces Revealed by Nadinelove27
    • Red and Black Card Trick Revealed
    • Rub a Dub Card Vanish Sleight (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Money Maker Magic Trick (Performance and Tutorial)

August 21, 2009
    • The Four Kings Enigma Revealed (Performance & Tutorial)
    • 4 Flowers Card Trick Tutorial
    • Jumping Rubber Band - Performed and Revealed!
    • Aces Card Trick Revealed
    • Window Card Trick (Performance)
    • The Dragon (performance)
    • Static Card Trick Performance & Tutorial

August 20, 2009
    • How to do the Retention Card Cut Flourish
    • Dl Sequence (Performance)
    • Card at any number trick (Performance)
    • Silk Thru Cane (Performance and Explanation)
    • Static Shot Trick by Brian Brushwood (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Wanna Bet? - Card Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Card at any number trick (Explanation)

August 19, 2009
    • Full Speed Aces Card Trick Revealed
    • How To Get More Confidence When Performing Magic Tricks (Tutorial)
    • Classic Card Trick (performance and tutorial)
    • Riffle Card Force Tutorial
    • Color Bind Card Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Color separation magic trick Revealed
    • Knockout Deck (Performance & Tutorial)

August 18, 2009
    • Inside flush Card Trick REVEALED
    • Double Lift Sleight Magic Trick And Method - Tutorial
    • Static by David Jade and Damien Vappereau performed by Austyn W. Simpson(performance)
    • Portal by Dan and Dave performed by Austyn W. Simpson(performance)
    • The David Blaine Knife Through Card Trick (Tutorial)
    • Gone, disappearing coin magic trick revealed
    • Sleightly Strange By mattfrasermagic (Revealed)
    • Cool Trick by Aldo Colombini REVEALED
    • Elmsley count card sleight Best tutorial

August 17, 2009
    • Miller Cascade Control by Austyn W. Simpson (performance)
    • How to make Vanish Gimmick Part(One)
    • Learn how to do the Blind Card Trick
    • How to make Vanish Gimmick Part(Two)
    • Color Monte (Performance)
    • Second Un named Card Cut by Wongster88 (Tutorial)
    • Rope Through Neck (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Transpo Elevator Card Trick Revealed
    • Lie Detector Card Trick Revealed
    • Auto-Reversal card trick (performance & tutorial)
    • Jazz Aces Card Trick Tutorial
    • A double lift tutorial by 1Basjohn
    • Killer Metamorphosis Card Trick (Performance)
    • Business Card Magic (Performance and Tutorial)

August 15, 2009
    • Cut and Restored String Trick (Tutorial)
    • Elmsley Card Count Sleight Magic Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Card Change Trick (Performance)
    • super cool card trick by ruff1 (performance)
    • Devils 13 Card Trick - REVEALED
    • The Force Card Magic Trick Revealed

August 14, 2009
    • Long Lost Soul Card Trick (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Fantasio Disappearing Candle Magic Trick Revealed
    • 9th Card Dislike Performance and Tutorial
    • Jumping Smiley Card Trick (Performance)
    • Bittle Card Trick Tutorial
    • The Magic Clock Card Trick Revealed
    • Hot rod magic trick revelead
    • Deck review: Bicycle gaff deck: The invisible deck
    • Freaky Mind Reading Card Trick Revealed (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Jazz Aces Tutorial by Nadinelove27

August 13, 2009
    • Printing Ahead Card Trick (Performance)
    • Two Back Card Trick Tutorial
    • Full Speed Aces Card Trick (Performance)
    • Another card trick by Aldo Colombini (Performance)
    • Floating Barbie Doll Magic Trick REVEALED!!!
    • Two Card Monte by Josh Norris (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Jay Sankey Trick Bill Vanish and Teleport (Performance)
    • Free Will Card Selection Magic Trick And Method
    • Inverted Aces Card Trick & Tutorial by Nadinelove27

August 12, 2009
    • The Signed Card Magic Trick Revealed
    • The bye-bye vanish (performance)
    • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Card trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Jumping Smiley Card Trick by NicksMagic (Tutorial)
    • The Elevator Card Trick (Performance)
    • Long Lost Soul Card Trick by MagicTricksForU (Performance)

August 11, 2009
    • Sleightly Strange Card Trick Performance by Mattfrasermagic
    • French Drop Sleight Magic Trick And Method - Tutorial
    • Quick Card Change (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Elevator Cards - Card Trick Revealed
    • David Stones Window Effect (Performance)
    • Math Card Trick Revealed in Contest by Mismag822

August 10, 2009
    • Two Back Card Trick (Performance)
    • Open Prediction Card Trick (Performance)
    • Changing Faces Card Trick TUTORIAL
    • Card Thru Window Trick Revealed
    • Oil and Water Card Trick Revealed
    • amazing card trick revealed
    • joker card trick revealed
    • Magic with Cards (Performances)
    • Portal by TheZuphyrus (Performance)
    • This n That Card Trick Tutorial By Matt Fraser
    • 4 Aces Card Trick Explained
    • Rope Through Body Tutorial by Mattfrasermagic
    • Rising Card Out of Box (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Indecent (Tutorial) NicksMagicTutorials
    • Nail Bending Magic Illusion (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Finger nail force (Performance & Tutorial)
    • magic color changing cards revealed
    • double lift (tutorial) by MagicXRevealed
    • 2 card transpo (tutorial) by MagicXRevealed
    • snap card change (tutorial) by MagicXRevealed
    • sandwich card trick (tutorial) by MagicXRevealed
    • Card Thru Table Trick Revealed
    • King of the Court card trick Tutorial
    • 18 by Cameron Francis Revealing-Competition (Performance)
    • 9 Card Mathematical Card Trick Revealed
    • Ring on a string trick revealed
    • Another Must Learn Amazing Card Trick Revealed
    • Twin Souls, Double Prediction Magic Trick Revealed

August 8, 2009
    • 5 Speed Card trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Mirage by Kevin Parker (Performance)
    • Puncture by Kevin Parker (Performance)
    • Oil and Water - Simple Self Working Card Trick Explained
    • Lucky 13? - Self Working Card Trick Revealed
    • This n That Card Trick Tutorial by NicksMagic
    • Amazing card trick revealed better version of the biddle card trick
    • Perfect Credit Card Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Glide Sleight Magic Trick And Method - Tutorial
    • Ambitious Card Routine - (Performance)
    • Criss Angel card trick revealed!!
    • Carnahan Card Fan Tutorial
    • Miller Cascade Control Color Change performed by Austyn W. Simpson(Performance)
    • Rope Thru Body Illusion Revealed

August 7, 2009
    • The Worlds Greatest Card Trick (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Bullet bottle effect tutorial
    • Two card monte - Explanation
    • David Blaine Card Trick Revealed

August 6, 2009
    • Famous 18 Card Trick Revealed
    • Magically Turn One Coin Into Two! (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Learn how to do David Copperfields TV Mind Reading Trick
    • 5 Speed Card Trick (Tutorial)
    • Floating Card Trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • My Favorite Ace Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Easy Beginner Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • The Fake Count Card Trick Revealed

August 5, 2009
    • Impromptu Card at any Number (Tutorial)
    • The Changes Card trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Balloon Penetration Magic Trick Revealed
    • The Sandwich Card Trick REVEALED
    • 8 Card Brainwave Card trick - (Performance and Tutorial)
    • awesome card trick revealed

August 4, 2009
    • Card Changes (Performance)
    • The Five Card Prediction (Perfomance And Tutorial)
    • Stealth Card Control (Tutorial & Performance)
    • Reversed Deck Card Trick (Performance)
    • Aces of the Cheater Card Trick (Performance)
    • Impromptu Card at Any Number (Performance)
    • Changing Backs Card Trick Revealed
    • Stand Up Monte Card Trick Revealed
    • Stand Up Monte Card Trick (Performance)
    • Coins Across Magic Trick (Performance)
    • Coins Across Magic Trick Explanation (Part One)
    • Coins Across Magic Trick Explanation (Part Two)
    • Healed And Resealed (Tutorial) by NicksMagic
    • The Triumph Card Trick (Performance)
    • Masked Magician Reveals the Anti Gravity Glass Trick
    • Amazing and Easy Card Trick Revealed
    • Masked Magician Reveals how to Magically Bend a Spoon

August 3, 2009
    • The Worlds Most Amazing Card Trick - REVEALED!
    • Rubber Band Card Trick - Performance
    • Rubber Band Card Trick - Tutorial
    • The Shadow Card Sleight Magic Trick Revealed
    • Twin Swap Card Trick Revealed
    • W.E.R.M. Card Display Flourish (Performance)
    • 3 Card Monte By Cooltricks123 (Performance & Tutorial)
    • The Stealth Card Pass by Forsakenmagic (performance)
    • The Spring Sandwich Card Effect by TheCuso (Performance)
    • The Changes Card Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Coin Thru Glass (New Edition) Performed by McJ0N
    • This n That Card Trick by NicksMagic (Performance)
    • Amazing Card Trick Revealed by TimClarkMagic
    • Triangle Card Production: One-Hand Card Display and Production (Tutorial)
    • The Hotel Card Trick Revealed
    • Twin Card Transformation Card Trick Revealed
    • The White Hole Card Trick Revealed by Mismag822
    • Pixel By David Jade (Performance)

August 1, 2009
    • Super Card Pass Magic Trick (Performance)
    • The Nichols Card Count (Performance and Tutorial)
    • The Slip Reverse Card Force (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Learn several different ways to change a card
    • Kade Card Flip (Performance and Tutorial) by MagicKid47
    • 8 Card Brain Wave Trick Revealed