March 2008 Magic Trick Videos

March 31, 2008
    • how to make the greed gimmick
    • Scotch and Soda Explanation
    • revolution coin vanish explained by alex magic
    • 2 Variations on the RIFFLE Force Tutorial
    • Awesome aces magic trick tutorial by Jack of 25
    • Large Coin thru Small Hole Trick Revealed
    • One to Two spongeballs trick tutorial by blackdecktiger
    • Worlds Best Card Trick, REVEALED!
    • magic trick revealed ( card trick )
    • New Card Trick - Tutorial
    • Card Through Box Tutorial

March 30, 2008
    • Amazing Criss Angel Card Trick Deck transformation Explanation
    • Quick As A Wink Card Trick Revealed
    • Tutorial for the Bullet Magic Trick
    • Instant Coin Vanish and Produce by Agurchand
    • Learn Card Prediction Magic (Forcing) by Agurchand
    • 1 Handed Fan Tutorial

March 29, 2008
    • Magical Aces Tutorial
    • greed tutorial
    • Amazing 1 Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Tripple Play Card Trick Tutorial
    • Amazing card flip color change tutorial by Jack of 25
    • How to link and unlink nail (homemade)
    • criss angel way to coin vanish magic trick(tutorial)
    • criss angel way to swap coin magic trick(tutorial)

March 28, 2008
    • Kings to Aces Card Trick Tutorial
    • tutorial aces to queens by blackdecktiger
    • Learn an awesome trick using the 4 aces
    • Swivel Card Cut Flourish Tutorial
    • How to turn a blank deck to a face deck without a deck switch!
    • 5 Faces of The Syble Tutorial

March 27, 2008
    • Amazing Center Double Lift Tutorial
    • how to do criss angel mind reading card (my version)
    • Delusion Illusion card trick revealed by Jack of 25
    • Amazing card change Exposed by Jack of 25
    • the breaking dice revealed
    • the mercury kings revealed
    • a beginner card trick revealed for everyone

March 26, 2008
    • Tutorial for the Curl Card fan
    • oriental square circle illusion revealed
    • Learn how to do the fantasio vanishing candle magic prop
    • Card to pocket tutorial
    • Color Change Tutorial
    • Classic Force Tutorial
    • How to duplicate money revealed
    • Merry Christmas Card Trick Tutorial Part 2
    • Merry Christmas Card Trick Tutorial Part 1
    • Coin Matrix Tutorial
    • Simple Card Trick Tutorial

March 25, 2008
    • Learn an Old Coin Magic Trick
    • Learn an Amazing Rubber Band Trick
    • Home made two card trick revealed
    • Amazing card illusion revealed
    • TG Murphy Deck Flip Tutorial
    • Street Magic Card Trick Tutorial

March 24, 2008
    • The Incredible Card Prediction Tutorial by Luca Volpe
    • Tornado Card Cut Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the haunted deck
    • Magicians Penn and Teller teach you how to do a stage illusion

March 23, 2008
    • Companion Fan Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Coin thru deck tutorial
    • Fuse Ace Card Production Tutorial
    • Superb Color Card Change Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Ring and String Puzzle Tutorial
    • False over hand shuffle tutorial
    • How to magically make their card multiply

March 22, 2008
    • Full Overhand Card Shuffle Control Tutorial
    • criss angel card force magic trick tutorial
    • King Rising Levitation Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the muscle pass with a coin

March 21, 2008
    • Coin through table magic trick tutorial
    • Instant Replay Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Learn how to magically print your business card by Agurchand
    • Learn an Easy Card Changing Trick by Agurchand
    • Tutorial for the Acrobatic Aces

March 20, 2008
    • Amazing Thumb Roll Closer Tutorial
    • card thru box tutorial
    • False card cut tutorial

March 19, 2008
    • Elmsley Card Count Trick Tutorial
    • How to make a card appear from nowhere
    • False Hindu Shuffle Tutorial
    • Jordan Lapping presents the Ooh La Laa Card Cut Tutorial
    • Tutorial For The Knuckle Card Cut
    • Tutorial for the slip card force
    • Learn how to do the card move called the pass
    • The Flip Out Card Trick Explained
    • 360 degree inverse card fan tutorial
    • Makin Quarters Trick Explanation
    • Push Off Double Lift Tutorial
    • Window Color Change Tutorial

March 18, 2008
    • 8 Card Brainwave Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • 3 Card magic trick revealed
    • NFW Card Trick Revealed
    • Jumping Coin Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Card to the top revealed
    • the trapped coin trick tutorial
    • Full Carnahan Card Fan Tutorial
    • Amazing Marlo Tilt Tutorial

March 17, 2008
    • thumb card cut tutorial
    • Royal Flush Magic Trick Explanation By Mooser
    • Ace change revealed by mikemage85
    • impromptu mind reading trick revealed
    • The Card Switch Revealed
    • Vanishing coin trick
    • Old School Street Hustler Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to Magically Re-Light a Used Match
    • Coin In Dollar Effect Revealed
    • Zig Zag Ace Production Tutorial
    • Card Springing Tutorial
    • Triumph Card Trick Tutorial

March 16, 2008
    • Learn One Of The Best Coin Vanishes
    • sponge ball trick revealed
    • How to bend a spoon
    • Instructional Video for the Pea Can Magic Prop
    • Ed Marlo Pop Out Move Tutorial
    • Turn Over Cull Tutorial
    • 10 Card Poker Deal Tutorial
    • four aces card trick tutorial
    • Mercury aces card trick tutorial
    • learn a cool coin magic trick

March 15, 2008
    • Faro Card Shuffle Tutorial
    • Double Undercut Card Control Tutorial
    • Magic Black Case Trick Revealed By: Jackof25

March 14, 2008
    • Muscle Pass Tutorial-in Depth-you Will Be Able To Do It
    • Ambitious Card Tutorial
    • thumb tip blendo explanation
    • Amazing Waterfall Flourish Tutorial
    • Flipback Flourish Tutorial
    • See Saw Trick Tutorial
    • coin trick tutorial
    • Coin Vanish Tutorial

March 13, 2008
    • One Handed Card Fan Close Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the magic trick called Torn (Card Magic)
    • Expert Card Series 4 - Starship Leader by Arnaud Chevrier

March 12, 2008
    • Expert Card Series 1 - The Proper Way to: Elmsley Count, Ascanio Fan, plus original effect: The Laziest Cards
    • Delusion Card Trick Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • 19Transpo94 Tutorial by Yo Magic
    • Twin Peaks Card Flourish Tutorial
    • Amazing False Overhand Shuffle Tutorial
    • Amazing Street Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Learn a really cool coin vanish!
    • Expert Card Series 2 - Learn the Jordan Count, Half Pass, and Triple Lift
    • Expert Card Series 3 - All about double lifts, and an effect by Dominique Duvivier
    • How to Bend a Real Nail with No Gimmicks

March 11, 2008
    • Elimination Card Force Tutorial
    • Fan Card Flip Tutorial
    • Double Erdnase Color Change Tutorial
    • Elevator Card Cut Tutorial
    • Learn how to do a one handed double lift
    • Cross Ring Card Trick Tutorial
    • the card-toon card trick revealed
    • Learn how to do a magic trick with dominos
    • Learn how to reveal 4 aces like a pro magician
    • Learn the False Flip Card Cut by TheCuso
    • The Cusos Flip Cut Card Flourish Tutorial

March 10, 2008
    • The Greatest Impromptu Card Trick Tutorial
    • The Outer Limit Magic Illusion Tutorial
    • How to control a card to the bottom of the deck
    • The impromptu jumping match trick explanation

March 9, 2008
    • How to escape from rope Houdini Style! - by dmmember
    • Tent Card Vanish Tutorial by magic147258
    • Bisleri Card Levitation Tutorial

March 8, 2008
    • Learn how to do the axis card change
    • Learn a method for vanishing a coin by Zanthor
    • Learn David Blaines new way to do a double lift
    • Jumping Card Trick Explanation
    • ketchup in a bottle trick revealed
    • Pulling out the Ring Trick Revealed
    • Charlier Card Cut Tutorial
    • Jokers Assembly Card Effect Tutorial by Jack of 25
    • Tutorial For Sponge Ball Routine by moken1238
    • three card mentalism trick tutorial by magic147258
    • worlds best card trick tutorial
    • Criss Angels Vanishing Toothpick Revealed
    • Learn how to do a trick with a coin and bill
    • How to Do the Amazing Swivel Cut Flourish

March 7, 2008
    • 21 Card Trick Revealed
    • david blaine coin vanish tutorial
    • axis card change magic trick tutorial
    • criss angel card switch tutorial
    • Ace Rows Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn the Bluff Card Force
    • Never done before torn and restored napkin revealed - by dmmember
    • criss angel handsome coin vanish tutorial

March 6, 2008
    • criss angel knot removal trick revealed
    • criss angel coin throw magic trick tutorial
    • criss angel coin manipulation trick tutorial
    • False Riffle Shuffle Tutorial by magic147258

March 5, 2008
    • The 15 Card trick revealed
    • Quick As A Wink Revealed
    • Shell Coin Production Tutorial by magic147258
    • ball and vase magic prop revealed
    • Anti-gravity muscle pass tutorial
    • Blocks in Box Trick Revealed
    • 21 Card Trick Revealed by

March 4, 2008
    • two in the hand sponge ball routine revealed
    • Breakaway Wand Magic Prop Revealed
    • False Overhand Shuffle Tutorial by magic147258

March 3, 2008
    • The best snap change tutorial
    • Penguin Magic Color Changing Deck Revealed
    • Coins Across Revealed by magic147258
    • Gimmickless Blank Deck to Face Deck Change!
    • a 30 sec how to do the spinning card trick
    • Two in Hand, One in Pocket Revealed (Tutorial with sponge balls) / By Calypso

March 2, 2008
    • A 30 second how to do the snap change video
    • Prediction Card Trick Tutorial by Agurchand
    • Yes or No card trick revealed by Agur
    • Deja Vu Magic Trick Revealed by magic147258
    • Learn Drop change card trick by Agurchand
    • Cross-ring card trick tutorial
    • Chest-pocket card trick tutorial
    • how to do a cool magic trick with a pencil
    • One handed fan tutorial

March 1, 2008
    • Biddle Card Trick Tutorial by magic147258
    • False Hindu Shuffle Tutorial by magic147258
    • The Ultimate Quad Ace Change, REVEALED...
    • The Worlds Best Card Trick Revealed
    • performance and explanation for fantasio vanishing cane
    • dough by jay sankey impromptu pencil through bill revealed
    • cut and restored rope tutorial
    • stigmata by wayne houchin revealed amazing impromptu trick
    • Mind Bender Impromptu Card Bend Magic Trick Explanation
    • strike vanish explanation
    • Learn how to do an impromptu pen vanish
    • How to vanish a signed card
    • amazing appearing decks out of thin wallet revealed