May 2009 Illusions Magic Trick Videos

May 28, 2009
    • Nail bending trick Revealed
    • Boy Levitation (Performance)
    • Zig Zag Girl Magic Illusion Revealed by Masked Man
    • Masked Magician Reveals how to float a woman in mid air

May 27, 2009
    • Vanishing Girl Illusion (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Girl to 500lb. Tiger Illusion (Performance and Tutorial)

May 26, 2009
    • Levitating a Girl on a Broom (Performance and Tutorial)

May 25, 2009
    • Girl Sawed in Half with Buzz Saw Illusion (Performance and Tutorial)

May 24, 2009
    • Card through paper - Performance
    • floating dollar bill (performance)
    • Napkin Restore Magic Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • Straw Penetration Trick (Performance and Tutorial)
    • How to make a 110,000 Pound Tank Vanish (Performance and Tutorial)

May 20, 2009
    • The Masked Magicians Reveals the take a girl a part and put her back together illusion

May 16, 2009
    • Bending Nail (Performance & Tutorial) by QwertyMagic
    • Pencil through cheek revealed

May 14, 2009
    • A MatchStick Thru Pin Illusion Revealed By: Jack of 25
    • Learn how to do Mysterys Straw Trick (Loops Gimmicked Needed)

May 13, 2009
    • How To Make A Paper Cup Mysteriously Levitate In Mid Air (Performance & Tutorial)
    • Rubber Penetration Trick Revealed

May 12, 2009
    • Learn how to do the illusion where a girl is crushed to the point of disappearing and then reappears
    • Masked Magician Reveals Criss Angels Walking thru Glass Illusion
    • The Vanishing Girl Illusion Revealed by the Masked Man
    • How to make a Bus disappear like magic
    • Coin in Bottle Trick Revealed

May 9, 2009
    • Gimmicked Pen Thru Paper Revealed

May 4, 2009
    • Pencil Thru Dollar Bill Revealed