May 2007 Magic Trick Videos

May 31, 2007
    • The Disappearing Key Performance and Tutorial
    • Performance of the Rope to Silk
    • Watch a Performance of Healed and Sealed (Soda Can Magic Illusion)
    • Learn a cool trick (YOU NEED A GHOST DECK!) AND the reveal of the magic pencil slicer
    • Sucker Punch Card Trick Explanation by Tim David
    • Sucker Punch Card Trick Performance by Tim David

May 30, 2007
    • Watch Criss Angel Do A Trick With A Cigarette
    • Learn how to do the ribbon spread with playing cards
    • Discover the secret to the traveling aces trick
    • Discover how to do the 3 card monte
    • Tutorial for the four ace card trick
    • Learn how to do the thumb fan with cards
    • The 2 Card Monte Revealed (Easy to Do)
    • Learn how to do the DisJoint Illusion Trick

May 29, 2007
    • The Oops Card Trick Revealed
    • New Trick called Halo - Make any object appear (performance)
    • How to do the one handed fan with cards
    • learn how to do the swing cut with playing cards
    • Learn how to do the swivel cut with playing cards
    • Performance of the Jumping Gemini Card Trick
    • Learn how to do the jumping gemini card trick
    • Illusionist Criss Angel Magic Trick Revealed

May 28, 2007
    • Lemberger Magic Thumb Tip Explanation
    • The Shapeshifter Magic Coin Change (Performance)
    • The Tutorial for the Vanishing Coin and Reappearing Coin
    • My Gimmickless coin-thru-box trick revealed
    • Learn how to bite a coin in half with your mouth

May 27, 2007
    • David Copperfields Arm Illusion Revealed

May 26, 2007
    • ultimate card though glass illusion (performance)
    • Svengali Deck by Daniel Heidemann
    • Overhand False Shuffle Tutorial
    • 3 Card Monte by Daniel Heidemann
    • Tutorial for the Slap! Card Trick by Dave J. Castle

May 25, 2007
    • Lemberger Magic Rope To Silk Revealed
    • Criss Angels Vanishing Toothpick Revealed by Daniel Heidemann
    • Learn How To Do The French Drop Coin Vanish
    • The Four Ace Transposition Card Trick Tutorial
    • Watch a Performance of The Card Shark Magic Trick

May 24, 2007
    • The Sizzle Explanation by Penguin Magic
    • Learn the Fake Cut with Playing Cards
    • Tutorial for the Perfect Match Magic Trick
    • The Performance Video for the Perfect Match Magic Trick
    • The Performance of a New Card Trick called STICK
    • Learn how to do a few great card tricks
    • The Unbreakable Match Illusion Revealed

May 23, 2007
    • Easy to Do Magic Trick Revealed
    • Riffle False Shuffle Card Trick Tutorial
    • Soul Mate Prediction Trick by Tim David

May 22, 2007
    • Flying Jokers Card Trick Tutorial
    • Learn how to do the one handed cut with playing cards
    • Cups and Balls Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Whispering Deck Magic Trick Explanation
    • The Key Card Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Radar Hands Magic Card Trick Revealed

May 21, 2007
    • Learn How To Do The Coin Roll Trick
    • Captivity Magic Trick Presented by Tim David
    • Captivity Magic Trick by Tim David - How To Make the Gimmick
    • Ultimate prediction explanation card trick
    • A Complete Coin Vanish Magic Trick Revealed by Tim David

May 20, 2007
    • The Aces Card Trick Tutorial and Performance
    • Whispering Deck Magic Trick Explanation
    • Kinetic Coin Magic Trick Explanation

May 19, 2007
    • Learn How To Do The Cups and Balls Illusion (Video Submitted by

May 18, 2007
    • How to make a wallet out of magic cards
    • Basic Extreme Card Magic Tutorial
    • The Oops Card Trick Explanation by Tim David

May 17, 2007
    • Coin Matrix with No Cards Performance (Well Done)
    • Watch David Copperfield Fly in Air like a Bird
    • Watch a Performance of Dan Harlan\'s HoverCard
    • Cardshark Card Trick Performance
    • Watch a Performance of the Rising Card Magic Trick
    • Learn how to do a magic trick with a pencil

May 16, 2007
    • Learn How To Make Almost Any Small Object Vanish like Magic!
    • How to count more cards than you are holding (card trick)
    • jumping card trick revealed

May 15, 2007
    • Kinetic Coin Magic Trick Created by Tim David (Performance)
    • Penn and Teller Reveal How To Make Money in a Magical Way Using Mind Games (Just for Fun Don\'t Actually Do It)

May 14, 2007
    • Mentalist Card Trick Guess Revealed
    • Eight Card Brainwave Trick Tutorial
    • Poker Cheats Card Tricks Revealed
    • Penn and Teller Reveal a Magic Illusion

May 13, 2007
    • 2 Card Monte Revealed by Tadooliz
    • Disjointed Magic Illusion Revealed by Tadooliz

May 12, 2007
    • Rise to the top magic trick revealed!
    • Learn how to levitate like David Blaine and Criss Angel
    • Learn How To Do The Self Bending Paper Clip Illusion
    • Penn and Teller Teach Sleight of Hand
    • Water and Oil Trick Revealed by Tadooliz
    • Amazing Card Trick Never Seen Before Revealed by Tadooliz
    • Learn How To Do James Bond Chip Tricks

May 11, 2007
    • Kinetic Coin Magic Trick Revealed by Magician Tim David
    • Whispering Deck Magic Trick Explanation by Tim David
    • Demonic Arm Twister Illusion Revealed

May 10, 2007
    • Shadow Cards Revealed by Tadooliz (Card Trick)
    • David Blaine Magic Revealed! Ace Shake Card Trick
    • Learn Toothpick Bar Trick #1 (Easy to Do)
    • Learn How To Do The 13 Cuts Amazing Card Trick (Easy to Do And Awesome!)
    • Sucker Bet Bar Magic Trick #2 Revealed
    • Vampire Card Trick Tutorial

May 9, 2007
    • Magical Self Bending Paper Clip (Performance)
    • Magic Sponge Ball Magic Trick Revealed
    • Learn How To Perform the Pass Card Trick
    • Magic Coin Melt Thru Hand Exposed
    • Learn How To Put a Big Coin Thru a Small Hole (Easy to do Magic Trick)

May 7, 2007
    • The Impossible Card Vanish revealed by David Goban

May 6, 2007
    • The Magic Card Pass Tutorial

May 5, 2007
    • Card to Pocket Illusion Explanation
    • How to do a Fake Coin Toss (Magic Coin Trick)
    • Learn an Easy to Do Coin Magic Trick
    • Magic Card Trick Flourishes revealed video 1
    • Learn the One Handed Cut with Playing Cards

May 4, 2007
    • The Fly Change Color Change (Performance)
    • The Floating Card Magic Trick Turorial
    • Classic Color Change Card Trick Tutorial
    • Coin Through Deck Trick Exposed
    • Learn How To Do A Version of the Stabbed Magic Trick
    • This N That Performed by Magic I
    • Card Attack Card Trick Performed by WildCardJoker

May 3, 2007
    • Improved 25 Card Trick with Explanation
    • Spirit Message Magic Trick Tutorial
    • Really easy aces trick (no sleight of hand required)
    • Black Magic Revolution (Good Performance)
    • The Balanced Deck Magic Trick Explained
    • David Blaine - Street Magic (Parody)
    • David Blaine - Street Magic 2 (Parody)
    • Learn an Amazing Magic Trick in Less Than 1 Minute
    • How to always win a Coin Toss (Magic Trick)

May 2, 2007
    • How To Turn A Flame Into A Half Dollar
    • Bottle Cap Through Glass Magic Tutorial
    • Immaculant Connection Card Trick Performance

May 1, 2007
    • Card Exchange #1 by Magic Joker Ent. ( Detail Explanation)
    • Card Exchange by Magic Joker Ent. (Detail explanation)
    • The 2 Card Magic Trick Mystery (Performance)
    • criss angel coin trick performance by joash